29 April 2018

Dear all,

It's time for us to say good-bye to Depeche Mode TV Archives.
Due to lack of time and moving on in our lives we decided to discontinue our work on this fan-favourite project. The decision came especially after finding out our discs are continually sold on the internet as "official" releases and uploaded on popular video platforms etc. We’re tired of stealers disobeying rules. Our website, forum, Youtube and Vimeo channels are gone now.

Thank you so much to all who participated in this special fan project. We appreciate your contribution, your time and your energy spent over helping.

DM TV Archives staff

02 May 2018 Addendum

The decision of ending the DM TV Archives project was discussed long time in advance among the staff (bongmute, BossDrum and dentez) and each of us agreed about it. I asked if someone wanted to keep the webspace, domain name, forum but nobody was interested since each of us has moved on in our lives.

Angelinda, who did a great job on the forum, also refused but she has everything she did on her hard drive (scans, articles, interviews) so nothing's lost and maybe she'll start some new project...

This is to answer your multiple questions. Please do not email me anymore.

Thanks again for your contribution and support. We've made 28 DVD's that will always remind of this special fan-project.