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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-11 - Radio FG (France) - Interview de Depeche Mode dans l'Happy Hour FG


Le groupe Depeche Mode était en interview dans l'Happy Hour d'Antoine Baduel à l'occasion de la sortie de leur nouvel album et de leur tournée "Global Spirit Tour".

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-12 - Deutsche Telekom (Germany) - Deutsche Telekom shows the most successful livestream of a single concert ever

World record: Deutsche Telekom shows the most successful livestream of a single concert ever

Deutsche Telekom has reached new dimensions: the exclusive performance of Depeche Mode on the release day of their new album „Spirit“ on March 17th for Telekom Street Gigs was the most successful livestream of a single concert ever. Around 1.5 million fans experienced the concert on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, as well as on numerous websites. More than 100,000 fans watched the gig in a parallel sent 360° livestream. By that Deutsche Telekom sets an important milestone in that innovative technology.
The cooperation between Deutsche Telekom and Twitter was also very successful. For the first time a concert was broadcasted worldwide on Twitter #Live. The hashtag #streetgigs trended in Twitter’s top 3 in various countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico and Germany.
"A partnership with a market leader like Deutsche Telekom is always a great thing", explains Thomas de Buhr, Managing Director of Twitter Germany. "In a strong collaboration, we have brought this emotional event to people all over the world."

Outstanding partnership with Twitter
„Never before there has been such an amazing attention for a music livestream. This also shows that we offer our customers in the best network added value with unique content and innovative technologies across all devices and social networks“, adds Michael Schuld, Head of Communications and Sales Marketing for Deutsche Telekom Germany. "In this context the partnership with Twitter is really outstanding. The entire campaign was characterized by consistently exceptional engagement rates and a livestream in a striking quality."

Concert can be watched until end of June
Depeche Mode released “Spirit”, their 14th studio album, on the day of the concert and landed on the top of the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Fans can watch the complete concert until June 30th at and on YouTube in high definition and 360°.

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-12 - ET Now (UK) - Britrow makes it feel right

Depeche – Britrow makes it feel right
UK – It may have been over 30 years since Depeche Mode last visited, but that lengthy absence has not diminished the enthusiasm of their Barrowlands audience. “It’s a classic gig,” said Antony King, the band’s front of house sound engineer. “Back in the day, if you were doing a tour of the UK, Glasgow Barrowlands was usually the best show of the tour.” King is not alone in that assessment. Many a sound engineer can confirm that Barrowlands is a cracker, one good reason why Depeche Mode was booked as the headline act for the BBC 6 Music festival the weekend of the 25th and 26th March 2017.
“Although the European stadium tour doesn’t start until May, we are in Europe for a few weeks promoting the new album, Spirit, doing a mix of TV shows and promo underplay concerts like this one for the BBC,” says King. “We are carrying control and monitors provided by Britannia Row. Brit Row have been with Depeche Mode for nearly 30 years and do a great job. It makes a huge difference hitting the road knowing that Bryan and co' have your back. With a band of this calibre and a mixture of Analog, Madi and Dante spread over 100+ channels, you need a company that has the vision and expertise to pull it off. Brit Row has more than delivered.”
For the Barrowlands show, Brit Row also provided a full concert system. “We flew an L-Acoustic K2 system,” said King. “The low ceiling means that it sounded more like a ground stack, but that’s part of the charm of this gig. The low ceiling harnesses all the audience noise, sweat and energy and really gets the band fired up. It's always amazing in there.”
Since the ‘Delta Machine’ Tour, King has replaced his Midas XL8 with an SSL Live console. “I loved the XL8, but the SSL L500 is a natural move forward and has the tried and tested SSL pre-amps from its studio heritage. You can't go wrong. The console does more than double what the XL8 could do. Do I need 300 input channels? Probably not, but there is plenty more I can and do use. It’s a great desk.”
Sarne Thorogood, the band’s long-time monitor engineer, has also changed desks relatively recently, moving to a Midas Pro X. Like King, he has a certain affection for Barrowlands. “When you do promos and one-offs like this, it’s a definite benefit knowing your control package comes from a company that knows you well. Brit Row has always been rock solid in that respect. I was quite at home and, like Antony, I find that audience noise from this venue really lifts the atmosphere. Although the band are largely on in ears, I didn’t have any problem with spill from the crowd into the vocal mics. In fact, I still rigged ambience mics to be able to add to the mix when appropriate.”
Dave Compton, who manages the Depeche Mode account for Brit Row, also arranged for Terrence Hulkes to accompany King and Thorogood around Europe. “He was my system tech on the last Depeche Mode ‘Delta Machine’ tour three years ago and others tours since”, said King. "Terence is an integral part of our team and a technical genius, which gives me the peace of mind to focus on the show. With everything running off computers these days, you need that level of knowledge and expertise. He could rebuild the console in his sleep."
Depeche Mode’s ‘Global Spirit Tour’ is to promote the band’s 14th and latest album ‘Spirit’ and kicks off in Stockholm, Sweden on 5th May. Brit Row will provide a full service package for all shows right up to the last on 23rd July in Cluj, Romania. “We then ship the system out to America,” said Compton, “where it picks up again on 23rd August in Salt Lake City, Utah touring both the US and Canada in amphitheatres and arenas for two months before heading to South America in March 2018.”
“This mini run of warm ups and promo has been going really well,” concluded King. “We have already done TV shows in Berlin and Paris, as well as the BBC 6 Music concert here in Glasgow. Having Brit Row at the Barrowlands gig was unique in that sense, as it made the entire night feel entirely familiar. This was a great show and everything felt just right.”

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-12 - Depeche Mode - European Summer Support Acts Announced!

The Raveonettes, The Horrors, Algiers, and Maya Jane Coles to Support Summer European Dates
Depeche Mode are excited to announce the support acts for their upcoming summer European tour. Support duties on the massive 34 date run will be split between four separate acts: The Raveonettes, The Horrors, Algiers, and Maya Jane Coles.

The Raveonettes will cover all dates between Stockholm, Sweden on May 5 and Prague, Czech Republic on May 25.
The Horrors will cover all dates between Leipzig, Germany on May 27 and Munich, Germany on June 9.
Algiers will cover all dates between Hannover, Germany on June 11 and Gelsenkirchen, Germany on July 4.
Maya Jane Coles will cover all dates between St. Petersburg, Russia on July 13 and Cluj-Napoca, Romania on July 23.

The Raveonettes are an LA based indie rock duo from Denmark. They are Sune Rose Wagner (guitar and vocals) and Sharin Foo (bass, guitar and vocals). Widely credited as one of the key influencers in the garage rock revival of the noughties, The Raveonettes have rightfully earned their place in Rock n' Roll history. The band continue to evolve sonically and visually as their live shows continue to captivate audiences around the world.

In the decade since The Horrors burst, clad in black, onto the London music scene with their debut album 'Strange House'(Loog) they have continually innovated and tested their own boundaries. Following a Mercury music nomination and extensive touring they retreated to their studio in East London to record their next record 'Skying' (XL Records), which was released in 2011 to rave reviews around the UK and Europe and was followed by two years of touring; culminating in a sold-out show at London's Brixton Academy. 2014's 'Luminous' (XL Records)was the band's second top 10 release and saw the band tour around the world and begin to headline festivals around the UK.

Algiers is a band of musicians born in Atlanta, Georgia, the rotten hub of the Ol' American South, where W.E.B. Dubois once saw a riot goin' on, and where the hell and high water swirls 'round to the knees.

On top of winning numerous awards, 29-year-old British-Japanese DJ/producer Maya Jane Coles has amassed millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify, and can boast a staggering 3.2 million Soundcloud followers! 2017 sees Maya release her most substantial body of work to date; her sophomore album 'Take Flight' on her own label, I/AM/ME.

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-13 - Hot Press (Ireland) - Personal? Jaysus!

[Screenshots taken from the Hot Press android app.]

Personal? Jaysus! - The Full Depeche Mode Interview
Booze! Drugs! Lesbian strippers! One of the biggest rock bands on the planet, Essex synth warriors DEPECHE MODE also used to be amongst the most hedonistic. But on the release of their 14th studio album, Spirit, founding member Andrew ‘Fletch’ Fletcher tells a truly gutted OLAF TYARANSEN that their decadent days are long behind them...

“We’re not celebrities,” declares Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode, speaking in a strong Sarf London accent. “We lead totally normal lives. We can go the cinema, go the pubs. We very seldom get recognised by people, but when they do they’re always very nice. People know the name Depeche Mode, but the average person on the street doesn’t know what a member of Depeche Mode looks like. It’s a great situation.”
Casually dressed in a black sweatshirt, blue jeans and trainers, the bespectacled, sandy-haired and charmingly laid back Fletcher – better known to millions of DM fans as ‘Fletch’ – probably isn’t exaggerating their capacity for anonymity. Or his own, at least. We might be meeting in a luxury suite in Brown’s Hotel, an exclusive five-star establishment deep in the heart of Mayfair, but the 55-year-old keyboardist/bassist looks as though he’d be far more at home supping pints of lager in a quiet corner of a child-friendly Essex pub. Nothing about him even remotely whispers ‘rock star’.
However innocuous he looks, though, the reality is that Fletch is a founding member of one of the world’s biggest rock bands. Since first forming in their native Basildon in 1981, synth warriors Depeche Mode – currently a trio with Dave Gahan and Martin Gore – have sold well over 100 million studio albums in their lengthy career. We’re meeting on this balmy London afternoon to discuss their 14th studio release, Spirit, but we’ll get around to that shortly.
While Fletch mightn’t look like a rock star, he and his two bandmates certainly have the right credentials. Infamously, Depeche Mode have enjoyed some serious decadence in their time. But some of it they presumably didn’t enjoy. Back in the early 1990s, during their tour to support 1993’s Songs of Faith and Devotion album, things got badly out of hand… to the point that frontman Gahan actually died of a drugs overdose in the back of an ambulance in Los Angeles (needless to say, the paramedics revived him from that particular flatline).
Gahan might have been the most OTT member in the hedonism stakes, but Fletch and Gore have also had their own problems. It was around this time that an exasperated Alan Wilder quit the band for good.
Fletch winces slightly when Hot Press asks about that messy period of Depeche Mode’s history, but doesn’t shy away from talking about it. “I was the first to go,” he recalls. “I had a massive nervous breakdown on that tour. The Songs of Faith and Devotion Tour was 187 gigs and, unfortunately, I had to pull out of the last leg. I remember Primal Scream supported us and they were shocked at Dave’s behaviour. Which is really saying something.”

The band had been partying hard for years. Why did things came to a head on that particular tour?
“Well, it was kinda like a snowball,” observes Fletch. “It started off in the mid-1980s. Us drinking… then you known just… the aftershows. It was like a snowball building up pace, and it just smashed.” He smacks his fist into his palm. “Bang!”

Heavily addicted to cocaine and heroin, Dave was injecting multiple speedballs on a daily basis. Were the rest of you on hard drugs, too? “Nah, Martin was more drink, but he still had… you have to think about it as a big smash, you know? No… it was a long time ago and we’re now in a fortunate position. I mean, it sounds boring when you say ‘We’re very professional’. I mean, every concert we do, we give 99.999 percent. In the old days, we never cared about the gig. It was the aftershow that was the most important thing.”

So did you play many lousy shows around the time?
“Well, I suppose we must have!” he laughs, slapping his knee. “There were certain gigs. I remember one of the funniest was when Dave had a heart murmur on… not ‘funny’… I don’t know why I’m using that word… queer… he had a heart murmur on stage in New Orleans and he was rushed off into an ambulance, and then we went straight to the aftershow, where we had various lesbian strippers and everything going on. So you could imagine what it was like.”

Was it enjoyable?
“I think at that stage, it wasn’t,” he admits. “I think the snowballing thing beforehand was really good fun. We were amazed that we were doing so well in America and that was just, you know, we started drinking a bit more… and it escalated from there.”

How is it now? Are you all totally sober?
“Well, I’m the only one that drinks, but you can’t exactly drink a bottle of whiskey when your two mates in the band are sober. So, sort of a couple of pints here, a couple of pints there. But it’s one of the great things about Depeche Mode. We never did that in the studio. We never drank or took drugs in the studio. So our recording has always been normal.”

What’s your take on the notion that drink and drugs can be good for musical creativity?
“Well, it can work in your favour for one or two albums, Olaf, but you can’t go beyond that, I don’t think.”

I read a German magazine profile of you recently that said you retire to bed at 7pm every night when you’re not touring…
“Nah,” Fletch pulls a disbelieving face and shakes his head. “I go to bed about 10pm. Was that someone else making a joke of me?”

It didn’t read that way.
“Nah, I go a bit about half-ten. I’ve always been a morning person. I don’t know why. My wife is Irish so, as you might imagine, she’s the opposite.”

Talk turns to the new album. The follow-up to 2013’s platinum-selling Delta Machine, which debuted at No 1 in twelve countries, Spirit marks the band’s first collaboration with producer James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco. Ford has also helmed albums for Foals, Arctic Monkeys and Florence + The Machine. How did Mode find him to work with?
“James is amazing with sounds,” says Fletch, admiringly. “I mean, we liked all his stuff, it’s the sounds of his records. He’s in Simian as well, you know, so he has the electronic angle. He’s really good with sounds and he works really fast. So we did this album in three sessions. And, yeah, he was amazing.”

How many sessions does an album normally take?
“We’d normally take five sessions, but we did this one over two in Santa Barbara, one in New York. Martin lives in Santa Barbara, and Dave is based in New York. I think he likes it there because he can walk around and nobody bothers him.”

You didn’t record anything in London?
“Nah, I got short straw on that,” he smiles. “But I don’t mind going to Santa Barbara or New York.”

More overtly political than any previous Mode album, many of the songs on Spirit directly address the currently perilous state of the world, both politically and environmentally. Hard and heavy opening track ‘Going Backward’ sees Dave Gahan singing, “We have not evolved/We have no respect/We have lost control/We’re going.” Powerfully menacing first cut ‘Where’s The Revolution’, meanwhile, finds him passionately demanding, “Where’s the revolution/Come on people, you’re letting me down”.
“It’s a bit of a departure for Depeche Mode to be talking about politics so openly,” Fletch admits. “We’ve always talked about politics in a different way, you know? Related to sex or whatever. But Martin wrote these songs about two years ago and, when I first heard them, I thought, ‘You might be a little bit over the top there’. But since then we’ve had Brexit, Trump, Le Pen, etc. So it just so happens when it’s released it’s actually more relevant than even when Martin was writing.”

What’s your own take on Brexit?
“We are totally and utterly disappointed,” he says, frowning. “It should have been 60/40 or 70/30 for a major constitutional change, not 50/50. So you get a situation where 50 percent of the population want one thing and 50 percent want another thing, you know? I think people didn’t have a clue what they were voting for. The whole way it came up with Cameron, you know, desperate to remain prime minister, to give the referendum and it’s just a farce… and we’re taking a risk.”
“I was in Glasgow recently,” he continues. “You go around Glasgow and it’s changed so much as a city that you can’t believe it. Not just Glasgow – Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool. All these cities that were just industrial are now beautiful cities with really trendy things happening and stuff like that, and we’ve put everything at risk with this Brexit decision. Same thing with Trump. It’s just all a really big risk.”

John Lydon doesn’t agree with you. Did you see his ITV News interview last week where he described Brexit as “a truly brilliant British exit”, and Trump as “the political Sex Pistol”?
“I think that you could really take whatever he says with a pinch of salt,” shrugs Fletch, indifferently.

Do you know him?
“We did actually meet him once,” he nods. “He was in a dressing room in Top of the Pops and he was just making a racket. He was screaming and shouting… whatever… you know.”

Depeche Mode have had over 50 songs in the UK Singles Chart over the years. Do you remember your debut Top of the Pops appearance?
“Yeah!” he laughs. “It was with ‘New Life’ back in 1981 and we travelled up from Basildon on the Tube with our synths. Went on the Tube, got out at whatever station, and we walked to the Top of the Pops’ gate and we said, ‘We’re on Top of the Pops tonight’. And they wouldn’t believe us because we weren’t in a limo! So we had to wait outside for ages until someone came down to let us in.”

That memory of Depeche Mode’s younger days prompts an observation about the current state of the music industry. “Actually, I’ll talk about the problem with young bands at the moment,” says Fletcher. “With the low record sales, and no tour support, it’s a really dire situation. So, say like if you’re U2, four lads now in Dublin. They’d form their band and they’ve got jobs. Where do they go from there? If you release a record, you’re gonna sell what? A thousand copies? You can’t give up your day job, there is no tour support, so I mean it is really difficult today for young bands.”
“I’m also hoping that there is gonna be a reaction in music as well in the next couple of years. I think there needs to be another musical reaction to get people excited again. It shouldn’t be us, Depeche Mode, we’ve been out there 37 years. It shouldn’t be us, it should be younger bands coming through.”

Are you guys all still good friends after 37 years playing together?
“Yeah, well, the way I like to describe it is: Dave is more of a brother to me. Martin has been my best friend since school. The only problem being with Martin is he moved from London to live in California. Both of them married Americans, so that was a big thing. Even now, to ring him, you know? To get the hours right and things like that. Me and Dave have had occasional fights and things like that, but I think that the actual spirit – no pun intended – in the group is pretty good.”

You’re not tempted to join them in the US?
“Nah, they married Americans. I married a Basildon Irish girl, so there is no reason for me to go over to America.”

How does it work when you all live thousands of miles apart?
“Well, they write separately, Dave and Martin,” explains Fletch. “I mean, we’re in a four-year cycle, really, for the last 20 years. We have a break of a year-and-a-half or a year-and-three-quarters and, during the end of that break, Martin or Dave would start writing. And then we’d get together and record and then release, promote, tour, break. The ‘80s and ‘90s we were constantly, album-tour, album-tour, album-tour. We’d keep the quality up. We couldn’t do that now. And we do have families. All of us have families and we have to devote time to them.”

When you’re on your 14th studio album, is there still a genuine sense of excitement about putting new stuff out? Or has it become more like a job?
“Nah, it’s really exciting,” enthuses Fletch. “I mean, we just happened to have got the best reviews for Spirit. What people don’t realise is that when we released Violator, it got mixed reviews. When we released Songs of Faith and Devotion, it got mixed reviews. All our records always had mixed reviews and this one has been reviewed well, and obviously that pleases us. And the whole tour sold out.”

Kicking off in Stockholm on May 5, the first leg of the Global Spirit Tour will see Depeche Mode play to over 1.5 million fans at 34 shows in 21 countries throughout Europe and North and South America. There’s been no Irish date announced yet, but will they be visiting Dublin at any stage?
“Yeah, we’re playing Ireland on the winter tour,” reveals Fletch. “I don’t know when that’ll be announced. It’d be around June, I would have thought. The last gig was absolutely fantastic, and we also played Belfast as well. And Dublin is always a good crowd.”

Someone from the record company enters the room and asks me to wind it up. As I gather my things, I ask Fletch what has been his own personal high point of Depeche Mode’s 37-year career.
“I don’t know,” he muses. “Maybe the biggest moment is just here, now. I could say playing the Rose Bowl or something, but I just think it’s incredible that, 37 years on, I’m sitting here talking to you, Olaf. It seems like Depeche Mode are as popular as ever. We had an absolute dream career… at least, if you take out those years that were a bit messy. Like I said to you earlier, we lead normal lives, and we’re not celebrities. So it’s a great situation. I’d like to think that now, really, is the best moment.”

Does Fletch have a motto in life?
“Sure and steadfast.”

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-14 - Soundz magazine (Netherlands) - Depeche Modus Operandi

[Bought from the Soundz Android app.]

De spirit van Depeche Mode

Met het nieuwe album Spirit levert Depeche Mode niet alleen het zoveelste meesterwerk af, maar ook een politiek statement. Soundz bezocht het trio in Berlijn. “Wij merken dat de ellende ons meer bij de keel grijpt dan voorheen.”
Andrew Fletcher wil maar wat graag het nieuwe album omschrijven. “Het is een donker album dat volgens mij heel goed aansluit op de wereld van nu. Er is in deze wereld weinig ruimte voor subtiliteit. De toetsenist legt een lijntje naar het derde Depeche Mode-album, Construction Time Again. “Dat was de eerste keer dat we politieke en maatschappelijke thema’s adresseerden.”
Op Spirit werkt Depeche Mode samen met de Engelse producer James Ford. De man werkte eerder met onder meer Arctic Monkeys, Florence + The Machine, Foals en Mumford & Sons. Daarnaast is hij lid van het elektronische duo Simian Mobile Disco en is hij de geestelijk vader van The Last Shadow Puppets. “Een grote naam die perfect bij Depeche Mode past. Hij is een meesterlijk goede producer, werkt erg snel en daarnaast weet hij om te gaan met elektronische instrumenten. Niet eerder hebben we een producer zoveel macht gegeven. Zeker door hem klinkt Spirit zo uitdagend en verrassend. Daarnaast was hij een geweldige katalysator tussen David en Martin. Die kunnen nog weleens clashen over dingen, maar James was er altijd als de kippen bij om de juiste knoop door te hakken.”

Tussen een lach en een traan
Toch vindt Fletcher Spirit niet zo zwartgallig als eerdere releases van de band. “Er is ook genoeg humor te vinden op Spirit. Ja, we hebben echt wel humor, alleen is die scheidslijn tussen een lach en een traan bij ons altijd dun. Weet je, er komt tegenwoordig genoeg vrolijke en nietszeggende muziek op de markt. Daar hoeven wij niets aan toe te voegen.”

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-18  - Depeche Mode - Warpaint to open for all US & Canada dates of the Global Spirit tour


Starting August 23rd in Salt Lake City, and finishing in Alberta, Canada on October 27th, DM are excited to have Warpaint as the opener for all US & Canada dates of the Global Spirit tour.
Rolling Stone recently praised their single "Whiteout," saying the track "enshrouds an austerely crackling dub-funk beat in refracted guitar shimmer as interweaving voices resolve in a Sufi state of opaque desire." Their critically acclaimed third album "Heads Up" was released in September of 2016.
For more on Warpaint, visit their website at

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-18  - (US) - Depeche Mode Scheduled To Perform On April 24 "Late Late Show With James Corden"

Depeche Mode Scheduled To Perform On April 24 "Late Late Show With James Corden"

Earlier this year, Depeche Mode performed on NBC’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”
On April 24, the veteran band will take the stage on another US television series.
CBS confirms Depeche Mode for that night’s edition of “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”
The band’s performance will follow host James Corden’s discussion with Jason Schwartzman, Nicole Richie and Geoffrey Rush.

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-20 - Depeche Mode - secret show

Depeche Mode
April 26

More information this Friday at Noon.

Sean wrote more info on HOME:

Depeche Mode has teased what’s being billed as a “special thank you show” in Hollywood, California on Wednesday, April 26th. Details will be released on this event at 12 noon, local time. The band is in the midst of a slew of promotion in Southern California for the upcoming Global Spirit Tour, kicking off on May 5th in Stockholm, Sweden. Their promo events include a mysterious invite-only fan event in Hollywood on Friday, April 21st, and an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Cordon on CBS on Monday, April 24th. But what seems like will be the highlight of the week is this thank you show, announced today.
Los Angeles was home to a previous warm-up show in 2013 at the Troubador promoted by radio station KROQ-FM.
We will update this story with details as they become available.

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-21 - Secret invite-only event in Los Angeles:

[Jon Deak posted a flyer in the late evening of April 19th here:]

Jon Deak:
So Out of The Blue I Just Got a Random Email from Columbia Records That I was Selected For A Special Depeche Mode Even in Hollywood California. They Referred to this as "The Prize" I Responded To The Email and They Confirmed That This Friday I will be Doing Something Depeche Mode Related. I Wonder If its To Meet The Band!!!! Sorry But I had to remove the Address from the Invite....How AMAZING is this!! Whoo Hoo!
They said no cameras or Cell phones are allowed, you have to check them in before entering the event.
I can confirm that the secret location for this event is on the other side of town and not near [James] Cordens Studio....

[UPDATE: invitees Rob Rohm and Liz Dwyer posted reports afterwards on their Facebook profiles, I summarised it here:,_Los_Angeles,_CA,_USA, and below.]

A fan named Jon Deak uploaded this flyer in Facebook group 'Depeche Mode Devotees' on Wednesday April 19, 2017. He removed the address before uploading it. He and about 40 other people received an email from Columbia Records containing an invitation to attend this secret event. The invitees had won the invitation because of their participation in the pre-sale of the concerts in Los Angeles later this year. It was not revealed what the event would entail, and the invitees had to turn in their phones before being taken to another location in Los Angeles. As it turns out, they had to meet at Amoeba Records on Sunset Blvd from where they had to walk to S.I.R. studios. Liz Dwyer a.k.a. LosAngelista got to enter the studio shortly before the other fans, and as she explains in this video, besides meeting the bandmembers beforehand (which was filmed by webmaster Daniel "BRAT" Barassi), she also got to watch the first two songs being performed before the other fans came in.

A first group of fans got to watch songs #3 till #13 being performed. One of them, Rob Rohm, reported the following shortly after the event:
"Depeche Mode rehearsal with less than 50 people. There was a photographer/videographer. [My wife] and I were up against the small stage in this tiny Hollywood rehearsal studio with Martin Gore directly in front of us, 2 feet away. Dave Gahan was about 8-10 feet away from us. They performed the following songs that I can think of off the top of my head [setlist copied below, ed]. I saw the entire set list [sheet]. Management didn't let us stay for whole set but the fans in Europe are in for a treat. The set list contained 22 songs. One thing that was really fun to see was Dave Gahan sitting at the drum set while Martin and Peter performed Question of Lust. Dave was goofing around pretending to play drums."

Carshenah Jefferson, a fan who got to run the "Depeche Mode Facebook Takeover" that day, also attended the first half of the performance and posted this on Depeche Mode's Facebook page:
"What a perfect way to spend a sunny, 90 degree, Friday afternoon in Hollywood watching Depeche Mode in the most intimate of sessions anyone can ask for. Only 40 or so lucky fans were with me to hear a 10 song set list. Dave's signature moves made everyone scream in delight and the music was crisp and clear. Then the ultimate fan privilege of the whole experience was Dave and Martin allowed me to sing, "A Question of Lust!" As Martin passed the mic around the crowd. When it landed on me, I got to sing the hook and both Dave and Martin was impressed, both gave me a high five and they got to know my name."

Fan Bryan Do posted nice songs of the second half of the setlist here. He writes that after song #13 ('Where's The Revolution') had been performed, the first group of fans were asked to leave, and a second group of fans got to watch the band perform the remaining songs.

Adam Bravin of the band She Wants Revenge (who is a big DM fan and who also supported DM with his band in 2006, see the Support acts page for more info) was also in attendance.

Set list (one song missing):
Going Backwards
So Much Love
Barrel Of A Gun
Cover Me
A Pain That I'm Used To
In Your Room
World In My Eyes
A Question Of Lust
Poison Heart
Where's The Revolution
Everything Counts
Enjoy The Silence
Never Let Me Down Again
Walking In My Shoes
I Feel You
Personal Jesus

Since the info on this page is a conglomerate of various sources, other fan-sites are kindly asked to credit this website when they copy/translate all info from this page.

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-21 - Depeche Mode - 4th Hollywood Bowl show Oct 18 & special show in Hollywood Apr 26


Due to overwhelming demand, Depeche Mode will become the first band in history to add a fourth show at the legendary Hollywood Bowl, on Oct. 18th as part of their Global Spirit Tour. The band is scheduled to perform on Oct. 12, 14, 16 and 18, making this the first time a band has performed four consecutive shows at the Hollywood Bowl and marking a major milestone for the famed LA venue.
Tickets for the October 18th show will be available beginning Thursday, April 27 with a fan pre-sale from 10am local time until 10pm local time. General on-sale is set for Friday, April 28th at 10:00 am. For more information visit and


Enter below to win a pair of tickets to this special event on April 26th!

As a thank you to fans in LA for supporting Spirit and helping create history, DM are hosting a special, exceptionally exclusive performance in Hollywood on Wednesday, April 26th.
Fill out the form below to enter to win free admission for you and a guest. Venue details and show specifics will be provided to contest winners. Winners must provide their own travel, transport and accommodation.
To avoid any tickets being resold or scalped, you must provide your guest's name at the time of contest entry. Once you have entered, absolutely no name changes will be allowed and admission is strictly non-transferrable. No physical tickets will be distributed and all attendees will have to show valid photo ID at the door for admission.
The approximate retail value of each prize is $20. The prizes are: 50 pairs of tickets to a special Depeche Mode event on April 26, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-21 - Variety (US) - Depeche Mode’s Love Affair with Los Angeles Explained, On Heels of Historic Hollywood Bowl Run

Depeche Mode’s Love Affair with Los Angeles Explained, On Heels of Historic Hollywood Bowl Run
Roy Trakin

The love affair between Depeche Mode and Los Angeles — kindled in the 1980s by L.A. radio station KROQ, and still going strong some 30 years later — continues with an announcement this morning that the pioneering British synth-pop band has added a record-breaking fourth night at the Hollywood Bowl, Oct. 18, to its previously announced concerts on Oct. 12, 14 and 16 on its Global Spirit Tour.
The 30-date Live Nation-promoted run kicks off August 23 in Salt Lake City. The tour follows the release of the group’s 14th studio album, “Spirit,” which came out March 17 on Columbia Records — their second for the label — accompanied by the provocative single/video, “Where’s the Revolution.”
“They actually could have done six nights,” admits Bill Silva, who is promoting the shows with partner Andrew Hewitt. He told just that to the band’s longtime manager Jonathan Kessler last year.
“I’m shocked at how quickly the first three shows sold out,” says Kessler.
Depeche Mode had sold out three Hollywood Bowl shows in August, 2009, during the world Tour of the Universe, tying them with previous record-holders Coldplay, Roger Waters, The Cure, Billy Joel, Carole King & James Taylor, and The Eagles, according to Silva. “It’s select company.”
The British group fronted by Dave Gahan has performed large-scale shows in L.A. before, most notably at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on June 18, 1988, when the Music for the Masses Tour drew 65,000  — the biggest audience they’d ever played to at that point — and was  filmed for the D.A. Pennebaker documentary, “101.”  The group also played two sold-out shows at Dodger Stadium in 1990 for the Violator Tour, just months after causing a riot on La Cienega Blvd. when they made an in-store at Wherehouse Records the day after the album’s release.
In 2009, Depeche Mode shut down Hollywood Blvd. for an April 23, 2009, performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” During the band’s last stop in L.A., they played three nights at Staples Center for their Delta Machine Tour in September 28 and 29 and October 2, 2013.
Kessler agrees that the band’s inordinate popularity in Los Angeles is due, to a large degree, to “the KROQ effect,” but that “the rest of the world has caught up in finding the group meaningful.” He also suggests the area’s heavy Latino population — like Morrissey, Depeche Mode has a sizable Hispanic fan base around the world — has a great deal to do with their success in Southern California as well as unlikely hot spots like Salt Lake City and Texas.
In conjunction with the record-breaking announcement, Depeche Mode will perform a free show at an “intimate venue” in Hollywood on April 26 “as a special thank-you to fans.” Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at
“The band seems very pertinent to what’s going on in the world right now,” says Silva, citing their new politicized single and video. “They’re very much relevant and in tune with the times.”
Adds Kessler: “The only stadium in L.A. we haven’t played is the Coliseum. But we’re ready for the new football stadium in Inglewood next.”
Tickets for the Oct. 18 concert go on sale Friday, April 28 at 10 a.m.

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-21 - Ticketmaster via email:

Due to overwhelming demand, Depeche Mode are adding a record-breaking fourth (and final) consecutive show at the Hollywood Bowl on October 18th, 2017!
As you had previously registered for the fan pre-sale for the first shows in Los Angeles, we want to make sure you are included in the fan pre-sale for the fourth Hollywood Bowl show, before tickets go on sale to the general public.
Your pre-sale code will allow you to purchase up to four tickets during the fan pre-sale which will begin at 10:00am PT on April 27th. You can access the pre-sale here:
Tickets go on sale to the general public at 10:00am PT on April 28th.

Additionally, as a thank you to fans in LA for helping make history, DM will be playing a special, exceptionally intimate, free show in Hollywood on the evening of Wednesday, April 26. For details on how to enter to win tickets, please visit

Thanks again for your support and good luck!

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-22 - Loud & Quiet (UK) - Tell Me About It

[Text derived from the PDF file from The text was uploaded here later on:]

Dave Gahan
The Depeche Mode singer does all the talking, about shit gigs, addiction, escaping death (twice) and how new album ‘Spirit’ reflects our lost times
Photography: Anton Corbijn / Writer: David Zammitt

Dave Gahan is stationed in the basement of the swanky Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge. As I wait outside his room in music journalist purgatory, waiting for an interview with some other mag to round up, I’m told that it shouldn’t be long but, well, unfortunately, Dave is enjoying the conversation so much that he wants to keep chatting. Maybe we’ll get on really well too, I think.
When I am finally beckoned in, Gahan welcomes me to the conference room that’s become his office for the day. He is warm, full of smiles, and even offers me a smoothie. Radioactive green, it’s a sign of the journey from Gahan’s dark days in the late ’80s and, well, most of the ’90s. It’s fair to say that the rider requests for a man who’s come through heroin addiction and bladder cancer is a little different these days. With hair slicked back, pencil moustache neatly groomed and a silver skull ring nestling on his middle knuckle, it’s hard to equate him with the 19-year-old Epping boy in the oversized suit who nervously bopped his way through ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. Of course, a lot of well-documented water has passed under the bridge since Gahan and Depeche Mode arrived with the synthpop agendasetter ‘Speak & Spell’ in 1981. Fourteen studio albums is a pretty solid achievement in itself, but when you hear the context of the hurdles that had to be negotiated in order to do so, it pulls the feat into sharper focus. Through ailing health, substance abuse and a couple of run-ins with the law, Depeche Mode have somehow stayed united. Depsite the chaotic highs and creativity-sapping lows, the release of their latest LP, ‘Spirit,’ continues a run of at least one album every four years for the last 35. Impossibly, Depeche Mode have become one of British music’s most reliable forces.
As Gahan speaks in staccato – all full-stops and short and rapid-fire sentences – he flits from topic to topic and I may as well have left my nice, crisp A4 sheet of questions at home, because I barely say anything. Jumping from the band’s recent gig at Glasgow’s Barrowlands to the merits of theatre and the ethic behind Depeche Mode’s ‘depressing’ sound in the first five breakneck minutes, at 54 Gahan is full of energy. But while it can be hard to keep track, Gahan’s passion is the thread that ties our conversation together.

There’s not many of them left like that. We just played there for BBC 6 Music festival, but we first played there in the early ’80s – someone told me it was 1984. I remember at the time it was pretty heaving. The stage moves a bit because the floor moves a bit. So once it gets going…
It was fun to do that show last week, which was maybe an hour long – much shorter than the two-hour show that we usually do. I got a couple of texts from Bobby Gillespie that said: “perfect time.” For performing, an hour is the perfect time.
We had a beautiful few days in Glasgow. To be in England or Scotland or Ireland and it to be good weather, you actually get to see how beautiful it is, really. And I love the people up there. People in the hotel and on the street – everywhere. Good people!

I recently saw the play Buried Child by Sam Shepard. I love all Sam Shepard’s stuff. They’re usually based in the American heartland and what it’s really like – not the American Dream. Buried Child is about a child who wasn’t wanted and ended up being buried in the garden and haunts the family, spiritually. So everything they do for their drunken lives is haunted by that. Some people would say that it’s a miserable story, but stories like that, to me, are real life.
It’s like, the question I’ve had to answer many, many times, is where people are like, ‘Why is your music so doomy?’ First of all, it’s a really lame question, but the answer is always the same – ‘Well, I don’t find it like that.’ I just never have. I don’t. I get that some of the subject matter is quite dark, and musically it can be quite dark, but I’ve always felt that if the lyric was really black and if we were going into some weird, dark place, there’s a melody or a sound or something there that lifts you out of that. Like in a good book, or a film – there’s a story there.
I tend to dwell there quite a lot. And it’s OK because I find that it’s the only place you can find any real light anyway. You’ve got to dig deep because all the surface bullshit – all this stuff [he lifts up his iPhone and shakes it] – is where we seem to waste our time.

Of course we care. The thing about reviews is that someone told me a long time ago that if you believe the good ones you’ve got to believe the bad. There’s always a bit in both and it’s all opinions.
What I liked about one review I read of the Barrowlands show was that the person was actually reviewing the sentiment in the feeling in the moment, and how they felt. And that was undeniable! If he had said anything else about that night – that he didn’t like my trousers or something – it would have been ridiculous because it was a special night. But they’re not all like that – trust me!
Sometimes someone will give me a newspaper in the morning and we’re off to the next gig, and I know it’s been a shit show the night before, or that it wasn’t quite right. The moment wasn’t really there, and someone's seen through it. And you read it and you're still like, 'Fuck you!' But they can't all be gems. Over the years you learn that [once in a while] you have this special feeling and you look around at each other and you're all floating on air, but most of the time you're getting through a song and you're thinking about something else. Well, not most of the time. But quite often towards the end of the show I'll be thinking about whether there's room service.

There was one time when we made the decision not to tour and that was with the album 'Ultra' [1997] because I definitely was not healthy enough to tour. I was trying to convince everybody that I was, and I had all good intentions but, put it this way, six months into the recording of the album, after a big session we did in New York, I went back to L.A. and then stuff happened and I ended up in jail [Gahan was arrested after overdosing on a speedball at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in 1996]. So it really was a good decision. After that album I think we put out a greatest hits — 1998, I'm thinking. And we did some shows. For me, that was the best and the worst tour we've ever done because I don't think I was in any of those performances. It was all new for me. I was no longer drinking any alcohol or using any drugs and I was like an open wound; a bag of nerves trying to fake it 'til I made it. I had no business being on the road and I had a few moments in dressing rooms. I remember launching six or seven bottles of wine at the wall because I couldn't drink it. That was my share and if I wasn't going to be able to drink it then it was going to go against the wall. While the band were all in the dressing room as well. It must've been quite scary, thinking about it. I was not happy at this idea of being sober and that I would have to do this for the rest of my life if I wanted to keep on living. And that's nearly 20 years ago, which is incredible in itself, although it's not been without its bumps and bruises along the way. It's been a real mind opener — much more than any drugs or alcohol.

I remember being back at my home in L.A. after being arrested. I got a phone call — and I never picked up the phone — and it was Martin [Gore], kinda angry and kinda pissed off that we were in the middle of recording an album and I was not going to be able to leave Los Angeles for two years. If I got into trouble, I was going to jail. So they carried on working on stuff and then created sessions for when I was allowed out of this place I was in, which I'd checked myself into. I ended up staying there for six months — I was terrified of going back home because I knew what I was going to do. I made some good friends there and I went to the studio with someone who was watching over my shoulder, but it saved my life. I couldn't sing at that point. I mean physically, I couldn't sing for longer than five minutes. And it was not good. There were times when I thought I was good during the first half of the making of that album, but I was probably high. I thought I was Frank Sinatra when I was up at the mic, but listening back it was like, `Jesus!'. So they made me work with this amazing vocal coach, Evelyn. She would only work with me — because I was a real scumbag at the time — if I would go to this church with her in downtown L.A. in a pretty rough neighbourhood in Inglewood, somewhere where she would do this thing every Sunday working with the choir. She said: 'You come with me and sing with the whole group; you've gotta be part of a team!' She was so nice and gentle with me and gave me a lot of her time. She kinda brought my voice back to me. And that album got finished.

During the making of 'Sounds of the Universe' [2009] I'd not been feeling good. I had no energy a lot of the time. I would have enough energy to do the sessions in the studio and I'd get home at night and say to the wife that I was so tired. I was kind of crashing out at 9 in the evening, and I wasn't really telling the guys. But then it all made sense when I was diagnosed.
I used to say to, Jen, my wife, 'I don't know if I'm going to be able to do these shows.' So then we were in Athens and I was having excruciating pain in my gut. Well, it felt like my gut but it wasn't. So that night the doctor came to the dressing room, five minutes before we were due on stage. I'd been throwing up a bit — I hadn't been talking about that. Little bit of blood in my urine — I hadn't been talking about that. I just thought all these things were wear and tear. But I got rushed to hospital and while the doctor was doing an ultrasound he looked at me and looked at the screen again. I said: 'I know I'm not pregnant!' and he said 'Well, I see something and I have to get someone else in.' So I said: 'What do you see?' and he said: 'I see a shadow.' I've heard that in movies. It just so happened that there was an oncologist there and I got on the MRI and they said that they could do the surgery there and then. You have a sac in your bladder and you have another sac on the inner sac, and the cancer hadn't got through the walls yet. It's an amazing looking thing! My wife was like: 'What are you looking at pictures of your tumour for?' But it looked like a sea urchin with all these alien tentacles! It's an amazing thing. But if they go undiagnosed and it goes into other organs you're done, really.

`Spirit' is more of a social outlook on humanity itself, and we're lost. We seem to be pretending we're not, but we're fucking lost! It's a bit apocalyptic and bit post-apocalyptic in places, this record; 'Cover Me' being post-apocalyptic, 'Fail' being now, 'Poison Heart' being, you know — 'You're the devil and we all know it, but you're in power!' And then there are songs like `Going Backwards' or 'Scum', which are just horrified at humanity, at ourselves. Where's the spirit? Where's the spirit in really caring? And people say, you know, 'It's easy for you guys in your fancy houses,' but like Martin has said, just because you've had some success it doesn't mean you have to stop caring about what you see and feel. And you do the best you can. The way we can portray how we feel is through music, through art. And ultimately we're here to entertain you but to maybe entertain you with a sense of reflecting. This is not a record that's ramming something down your throat. This is not Billy Bragg.

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Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
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2017-04-23 - ATV (Peru) - Día D

Revisa la exclusiva entrevista con la espectacular voz de "Depeche Mode"
Dave Gahan compartió varios detalles de lo que será su concierto en nuestro país el 18 de marzo del 2018

Hace pocos días se conoció una noticia que impactó a los seguidores de la banda inglesa, Dave Gahan confirmó que vendrán a nuestro país el 18 de marzo del 2018. Por este motivo es que quisimos conocer todos los detalles de la presentación que tendrá Depeche Mode en Perú y quién mejor para contarnos que en la voz de su propio vocalista.
Dave Gahan aseguró que vienen a lanzar su nuevo disco Delta Machine, aunque también tendrán espacio para sus conocidos éxitos como “Personal Jesus”, “I Feel You”, “Policy of Truth”, “Halo”, “Enjoy The Silence” y “A Question of Time”.