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Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 20:24:56 »
2017-03-24 - TN (Argentina) - La Viola

[The full interview with Martin and Andy will apparently be broadcast at midnight. It is yet to appear online.]

Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 20:20:57 »
2017-03-24 - TF1 (France) - Le Journal de 20h

[A report about DM. It is yet to appear online.]
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 18:57:11 »
2017-03-24 - - Spirit chart positions

Here is an overview of the position of the new opus in different charts throughout the world:

Belgium: 1
Italy: 1 (CD and Vinyl)
France: 1
Germany: 1
Ireland: 3
Sweden: 3
Czech Republic: 3
Netherlands: 4
United Kingdom: 5
New Zealand: 32
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 18:49:43 »
2017-03-24 - France2 (France) - Télématin

Ils étaient en haut des charts dans les années 80 et 90, ils refont surface avec des albums ambitieux et prometteurs : Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode et Texas.
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 17:36:49 »
2017-03-24 - BFM TV (France) - Alerte Info (Interview Dave Gahan)

"Spirit", le nouvel album très engagé de Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode revient sur le devant de la scène avec un quatorzième album et plusieurs concerts en vue. Dans Spirit, le groupe livre un message d'urgence sur l'avenir du monde à travers douze titres puissants, sombres et protestataires. Il appelle notamment à l'esprit révolutionnaire et met en garde contre le risque de retour en arrière de notre société. Where's The Revolution, le premier single de Spirit, tente en effet de réveiller les masses. Dans le cadre de sa tournée, le trio anglais Depeche Mode sera en concert au Stade de France le 1er juillet prochain. - Culture & Vous, du vendredi 24 mars 2017, présenté par Candice Mahout, sur BFMTV.
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 17:34:15 »


To relaunch this partnership and celebrate the band’s new album & tour, Hublot presents new limited edition Depeche Mode watch.
Today luxury watchmaker Hublot and Depeche Mode launched a new “watch for water” at Basel World.
Hublot has created the limited edition watch to celebrate the band’s new album Spirit and their upcoming Global Spirit Tour. The sale of the watch will raise funds for charity: water, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.
Hublot and Depeche Mode have been partners since 2010 and have supported charity: water on three other occasions since 2013. During this period, the funds raised by Hublot and Depeche Mode have given life to 229 projects in Nepal and Ethiopia, with 220 standpipes and 19 wells drilled and dug by hand that now bring safe, clean water to over 30,000 men, women and children. For this new campaign, Hublot and Depeche Mode have set the goal to beat this previous achievement and bring clean water to 50,000 people around the world.
"I am very excited to continue our partnership with Hublot and charity: water. For many years I have been an enthusiastic supporter of charity: water and I am delighted that with Hublot we can continue to support their mission of providing clean and safe drinking water for all." said Martin Gore of Depeche Mode.
It is estimated that 663 million people (or 1 in 10 people) in the world lack access to safe drinking water. This lack of safe water spreads disease, compromises safety, makes education elusive, and impedes the economic empowerment of citizens of developing nations. It is what is standing between billions of people and their health, safety, and the opportunity to unlock their true potential.
"Their slogan speaks volumes about their philosophy – 'if you want to change something, start by changing one thing' - water is the source of life, the beginning of everything. Partnering with Depeche Mode to support charity: water was an obvious choice - the clear starting point. Four years on, our action has translated into visible, measurable and quantifiable results. The launch of this new watch in collaboration with Depeche Mode signals our continued commitment to charity: water, with the aim of bringing the gifts of water and life to even more of our planet's population. Everyone has the right to water; everyone has the right to life", so Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot’s CEO.
The new Big Bang Depeche Mode Watch has been carved in a 45mm ceramic knurled case engraved with thousands of pyramids extending to the push-buttons, the crown and the indices. The watch is adorned with a perfect, smooth leather strap to which a detachable studded cuff can be added to extend the rock-star look right down to the wrist. With 250 pieces available, the Big Bang Unico Depeche Mode bears the name of Depeche Mode's Global Spirit tour and the emblematic charity: water jerrycan symbol on the sapphire crystal, which reveals the HUB1242 movement.
Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water added: "Bringing 663 million people clean water is no small task and it is because of people like Hublot & Depeche Mode who believe that water changes everything that we are able to continue to do this impactful work. Your generosity has allowed us the privilege of bringing life’s most basic need to many people. You haven’t simply given money so that we can build water projects. You’ve given time back to mothers, education back to kids, improved health to families and greater stability to entire communities. That is truly incredible. Thank you".
The new watch will be available for sale as of May 2017, when the band begins its Global Spirit Tour.
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 16:59:53 »
2017-03-24 - SRF3 Radio (Switzerland) - Exklusiv-Interview mit Martin Gore

Depeche Mode: Exklusiv-Interview mit Martin Gore

SRF 3-Moderator Matthias Erb traf Martin Gore zum Exklusiv-Interview in Zürich. Mit dem Songwriter, Gitarrist und Sänger der Synthie-Pop-Band sprach er über die aktuelle Tour der Band sowie über ihre Karriere allgemein. Depeche Mode treten am Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017 im Zürcher Letzigrund-Stadion auf.
Archives / Re: 2016: The Mission - song featuring Martin Gore
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 16:43:45 »
2017-03-24 - The Mission -  Only You & You Alone (Feat. Martin Gore) MUSIC VIDEO

4th promo video from The Mission's critically acclaimed top forty album, 'ANOTHER FALL FROM GRACE', to coincide with the announcement of a beautifully presented 20 page limited edition book, including artworks and lyrics.
2 x 180g Vinyl and 2 x CD, 1 x DVD set, containing the complete works from The Mission’s critically acclaimed 2016 top 40 album. The Complete Another Fall From Grace Includes 2 new bonus tracks and remix, with 4 music videos on the bonus DVD.  Pre order your copy here: LIMITED TO 1000 COPIES
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 02:40:58 »
2017-03-24 - Oui FM (France) - L'interview de Thomas Caussé

[Hopefully this interview will appear online.]

Frum user Lays:
"Le groupe est l'invité d'honneur pour l'Interview de Thomas Caussé, émission "Radio Réveil" sur OUI FM ce vendredi 24 mars. Début de la diffusion à 8h30."
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on Today at 02:30:50 »
2017-03-24 - Sonic Seducer (Germany) - Depeche Mode: 10 Seiten Story

[Hopefully we will have scans of this article eventually. Keep in mind, though, that the interview with Dave Gahan in this article is the one done by Steffen Rüth for which has already appeared in many newspapers and sites: see here.],-exklusiv-cd-tribute-for-the-masses-sticker-detail.html

Sonic Seducer 2017-04 mit Depeche Mode Titelstory, Exklusiv-CD "Tribute For The Masses" & Sticker

Depeche Mode melden sich mit ihrem 14. Studioalbum "Spirit" zurück! Diesem Ereignis ist die zehnseitige Titelstory (Interviews mit Dave Gahan, Martin Gore und Anton Corbijn!) der Sonic Seducer Aprilausgabe gewidmet, zu der nicht nur ein exklusiver Sticker zum jüngsten Longplayer der Band um Dave Gahan, Martin Gore und Andy Fletcher gehört, sondern auch eine ganz besondere CD!
Zum 30. Jubiläum des 1987 erschienenen Depeche-Mode-Albums "Music For The Masses" bietet die exklusive CD-Beilage dieser Ausgabe eine Zusammenstellung hochkarätiger Coverversionen: "Depeche Mode Tribute For The Masses" ist ausschließlich als Beilage der Aprilausgabe von Sonic Seducer erhältlich, nicht einzeln im Handel!
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