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Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 21 August 2017 - 22:22:00 »
2017-08-21 - PSN Europe (UK) - Depeche Mode FOH engineer hails ‘incredible reliability’ of L-Acoustics K1 on Spirit tour

Depeche Mode FOH engineer hails ‘incredible reliability’ of L-Acoustics K1 on Spirit tour
Daniel Gumble

Antony King, FOH engineer for pioneering electro rock icons Depeche mode, has hailed the performance of L-Acoustics’ K1 systems on the band’s current Spirit world tour, describing it as a “benchmark system that provides quick and easy rigging, accurate reproduction, balanced frequency response and incredible reliability makes an 11-month stadium tour a breeze”.

For the tour, which takes in 90 dates in stadia and arenas across the globe, King specified a main system comprised of 14 K1 per side with four K2 as downfills. Side hangs are a further 14 K1 plus six K2 downfills, to account for the throw distance needed and the large amount of vertical coverage required. There are a total of 46 KS28, with 12 of them per side flown next to the K1, whilst four hangs of 12 K1 are used for delays, all mixed via an SSL L500 Plus.

Depeche Mode’s set design always includes a thrust that sits to one side of the stage. Because of its asymmetrical construction and the position of camera platforms, there are restrictions to where the ground stacked subs can be placed.

The solution was to have 18 of the remaining KS28 configured as six stacks of three sitting in front of the stage, arrayed as a sub arc. Three ARCS per side are stacked on the outermost KS28 stack and four stacks of two Kara each on the innermost KS28, which are deployed as front fills. Two Kara per side are used for stage infill and, whilst the band are all on in ear monitors, a further two KS28 per side are sited on the stage to provide them with a little movement. Delays are four hangs of 12 K1.

“There was originally talk of flying some K1SB as well as the KS28,” said Terence Hulkes, FOH tech and crew chief. “However, because of rigging points and weight loadings, that wasn’t possible, but the flown KS28 spread the power around the venue better and keep it above the heads of audience. For overall low end and extra register the KS28 is amazing and it’s incredible how much the low end will travel.”

“K1 itself isn’t lacking in the low-end department, so in this instance we went for resolution rather than moving the air,” added senior systems technician Richard Trowe. “For the really trouser flapping stuff, the KS28 is the one to have. Antony wants consistency. He likes to have a similar volume at the furthest seat as at FOH and he likes to walk the arena from top to bottom to make sure he’s got that. That’s where the FIR filters and LA Network Manager really help; when you’re a distance away from FOH and you need to increase the HF with the air compensation, you can do it using a tablet. Obviously, we can’t always achieve perfectly even coverage, in these large stadiums but we get pretty close. For example, there were legal noise restrictions in Switzerland, but even there we had 0.7db difference between the front row and FOH and the same between FOH and the back of the arena, which is next to nothing.”

The tour is now heading over to the US. Brit Row will continue to provide sound for this, and all legs of the tour, which continues into 2018.
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 21 August 2017 - 22:17:38 »
2017-08-21 - Depeche Mode - Scandinavian winter dates announced!

Global Spirit Tour to return to arenas in Copenhagen and Helsinki in 2018
Depeche Mode are pleased to announce the return of the Global Spirit Tour to Scandinavia in winter of 2018!

January 9, 2018 - Royal Arena - Copenhagen, Denmark
Pre-Sale: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 @ 10:00AM EET
On-Sale: Friday, August 25, 2017 @ 10:00AM EET

February 18 2018 - Hartwall Arena - Helsinki, Finland
AMEX Pre-Sale: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 @ 9:00AM EET
Live Nation Pre-sale: Thursday, August 24, 2017 @ 9:00AM EET
On-Sale: Monday, August 28, 2017 @ 9:00AM EET
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 17 August 2017 - 21:13:21 »
2017-08-17 - Amazon (France) - Cover Me (Remixes)

Cover Me (Remixes) [Import belge] CD single, Import
Depeche Mode (Artiste)  Format : Album vinyle
Album vinyle (6 octobre 2017)
Nombre de disques: 2
Format : CD single, Import
Label: Columbia
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 16 August 2017 - 20:46:03 »
2017-08-16 - Depeche Mode - Saint Petersburg winter show announced!

DM is pleased to announce that they will be returning to the SKK in Saint Petersburg on February 16, 2018, following the sold out show in Saint Petersburg in July.
Tickets go on sale Wednesday, August 16 at 2pm local time at:
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 16 August 2017 - 01:37:20 »
2017-08-14 - Pro Sound Network (US) - Interview with Sarne Thorogood

[This Interview had already appeared in the August 2017 magazine issue of Pro Sound, which is available only to people who work in the music industry and are subscribed to the magazine.]

Depeche Mode’s IEM Evolution
By Sarne Thorogood

Depeche Mode returns to the U.S. this month on its Global Spirit tour. We asked the group’s monitor engineer of almost two decades, Sarne Thorogood, how the job and gear has changed over time.

For years, the band has relied on a traditional stage setup, using a monitor system including audio tools, such as the Midas XL8 control center, Turbosound 450 bi-amped two-way floor monitor, L-Acoustic Arcs Line Source, Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 live microphones and Shure microphones. Then, in 2009, before heading into Depeche Mode’s Tour of the Universe, we decided to try something new with Ultimate Ears Pro in-ear monitors. While on tour, [lead singer] Dave Gahan began to experiment with UE 7 Pro in-ear monitors and using the on-stage combination of in-ear monitors, floor wedges and side fill setup, without the pressure of having to rely solely on one method of stage monitoring.
Jumping ahead to our 2013 Delta Machine tour, we we decided the band was ready for an in-ear monitor upgrade. We transitioned the band from UE 7 Pro to UE 11 Pro, and Dave made his full in-ear monitor on-stage debut. While he kept his familiar eight-wedge setup, we reduced the side fills to subwoofers only and even that small change made a quite a difference in the band’s audio performance. Now, a few years later on the current 2016-2017 Global Spirit Tour, Dave has upgraded again and is rocking UE 18+ PRO in-ear monitors, which he loves for the smooth response.
Deciding what in-ear monitors work best for the band isn’t always a simple process, as it comes down to personal preference. While Dave has his unique setup, other members of the band, such as Peter Gordeno, have found that a combination of in-ear monitors and on-stage wedges is what works best for them during performances. And, as a monitor engineer, I personally prefer UE Pro 7 as a starting platform. I find these monitor to be simple and efficient, with an edge that many artists who have spent time with wedges tend to prefer. In addition to personal preferences evolving, transitioning the band from UE 7 Pro, to UE 11 Pro and now to UE 18+ PRO has also been an effort to keep up with the progress the audio industry has made, in order to ultimately offer Depeche Mode the best on-stage audio options.
At any point during a performance, I run about 20 mixes, comprised of a combination of mono and stereo in-ear mixes and wedges for the band, four effects sends, delay and reverb for Dave and reverbs for drums, plus mixes for the backline techs. And, the single thing that has made a difference in creating reliable and consistent performances over the years has been our switch to in-ear monitors. Not only do I have more confidence that a show will run smoothly since transitioning to in-ear monitors, but the monitors also protect Dave’s voice and ears, so Depeche Mode can continue to tour and put on great performances for their fans over the next 20 or more years.
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 12 August 2017 - 21:07:23 »
2017-08-12 - Pure Charts (France) - Les 20 albums les plus vendus du 1er semestre 2017 en France

 1. Les Enfoirés - "Mission Enfoirés" (258.100 ventes)
 2. Vianney - "Vianney" (200.900 ventes)
 3. Ed Sheeran - "Divide" (157.500 ventes)
 4. Rag'N'Bone Man - "Human" (150.800 ventes)
 5. Claudio Capéo - "Claudio Capéo" (126.300 ventes)
 6. Soprano - "L'Everest" (122.700 ventes)
 7. M Pokora - "My Way" (102.600 ventes)
 8. Julien Doré - "&" (88.700 ventes)
 9. Kids United - "Tout le bonheur du monde" (81.900 ventes)
 10. Depeche Mode - "Spirit" (81.800 ventes)
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 12 August 2017 - 02:56:37 »
2017-08-11 - Polska Times (Poland) - Fani czują się oszukani przez organizatora koncertu,12358065/

Depeche Mode w Ergo Arenie. Fani czują się oszukani przez organizatora koncertu
Depeche Mode wystąpi w Ergo Arenie
Karolina Jeniec

W lutym 2018 roku w gdańsko-sopockiej Ergo Arenie wystąpi brytyjska grupa Depeche Mode. Bilety z najlepszymi miejscami zostały wyprzedane w ekspresowym tempie. Jak się jednak okazuje, miejsca Golden Circle (GA1) to - według fanów - wielka ściema.
Agencja koncertowa Live Nation już dwukrotnie zmieniła rozmiar sfer biletowych. Fani czują się oszukani. - W moim odczuciu, zostały złamane zasady kodeksu cywilnego - mówi Elżbieta Zielińska, posłanka Kukiz’15.
Depeche Mode to jeden z najpopularniejszych zespołów lat 70. Jednak do dzisiaj cieszy się ogromną popularnością i ma rzeszęfanów. Kiedy pojawia się s Polsce, bilety znikają w mgnieniu oka. Każda z osób, która wybiera się na ich koncert, pragnie zająć jak najlepsze miejsce. Jednak tym razem, fani czują się oszukani.

Depeche Mode w Ergo Arenie [CENY BILETÓW]
Podczas koncertu będą trzy strefy z miejscami, tzw. Golden Circle (GA1), to spory wydatek. Agencja Live Nation zwiększyła dwukrotnie obszar tej strefy.
- Nie da rady włożyć główki od szpilki! - mówi Paulina D., która zakupiła bilety na koncert.
Fani są oburzeni, coraz więcej osób rezygnuje z uczestnictwa w koncercie ze względu na przepełnioną salę.
Sprawą zainteresowała się Elżbieta Zielińska z Kukiz’15, która jak sama mówi, uważa, że agencja Live Nation po prostu oszukała i naciągnęła ludzi oraz, że zostało złamane prawa konsumenckie. Posłanka Kukiz’15 wysłała pismo do UOKiK (Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów) o podejrzeniu nadużycia wobec fanów. Dodatkowo wnioskuje o "uznanie praktyki za naruszającą interesy konsumentów i nakazanie zaniechania jej stosowania", nałożenia kary finansowej na Live Nation i zobowiązanie jej do złożenia oświadczenia informującego klientów o naruszaniu ich interesów. Według Elżbiety Zielińskiej to oświadczenie powinno pojawić się na oficjalnej stornie Live Nation – i być widoczne przez 30 dni.
- Bardzo długo czekałam na ten koncert, jestem rozczarowana zaistniałą sytuacją do tego stopnia, że chyba zrezygnuje z niego. - mówi Wiktoria, fanka Depeche Mode. - Nie pozostaje nic innego, niż poczekać, aż sprawa zostanie wyjaśniona.
Agencja Live Nation w związku zaistniałą sytuacją informuje jedynie, że każda osoba, która kupiła bilet i chciałaby dokonać jego wymiany musi się skontaktować z naszym biurem LN lub biurem firmy Ticketmaster (adres e-mailowy LV to:
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 11 August 2017 - 17:02:47 »

Remixes Available August 11th
Depeche Mode will release a digital bundle featuring remixes of "Going Backwards" on August 11th.  The bundle will include 12 remixes of "Going Backwards" as well as special remixes of "Poison Heart" and "You Move." The release will be available through all digital and streaming services; fans can purchase here: Vinyl and CD versions of the bundle will be available in September. 

Depeche Mode also recently released a compelling visual for "Going Backwards." The stunning video, featuring a stripped-back performance of the track and filmed in 360 degree technology, can be seen online here: The video was directed by Timothy Saccenti, known for his immersive photographic style, and features Depeche Mode in a stylized, full-scale video experience.
"Going Backwards" Special Remix Bundle (8/11)
Going Backwards (Radio Edit)                       
Going Backwards (Chris Liebing Mix)           
Going Backwards (Chris Liebing Burn Slow Mix)       
Going Backwards (Solomun Extended Radio Remix)               
Going Backwards (Solomun Remix Radio Version)   
Going Backwards (Solomun Club Remix)     
Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Full Vocal Mix)           
Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Deep Bass Dub)           
Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Raw Detroit Dub)       
Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Full Vocal Mix Radio Edit)         
Going Backwards (Point Point Remix)                         
Going Backwards (Maya Jane Coles Remix)                               
Poison Heart (Soulsavers Re-Work)                             
You Move (Latroit Remix)
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 11 August 2017 - 02:23:24 »
2017-08-11 - iTunes - Going Backwards (Remixes) Download Release

Going Backwards (Remixes)
Depeche Mode
Alternative  11 Aug 2017

Going Backwards (Remixes)
Depeche Mode
Alternative  11 Aug 2017

1   Going Backwards (Radio Edit) 3:51
2   Going Backwards (Chris Liebing Mix) 9:08
3   Going Backwards (Chris Liebing Burn Slow Mix) 7:08
4   Going Backwards (Solomun Extended Radio Remix) 8:25
5   Going Backwards (Solomun Remix Radio Version) 4:40
6   Going Backwards (Solomun Club Remix) 7:53
7   Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Full Vocal Mix) 6:44
8   Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Deep Bass Dub) 5:58
9   Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Raw Detroit Dub) 6:44
10   Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Full Vocal Mix Radio Edit) 3:26
11   Going Backwards (Point Point Remix) 4:32
12   Going Backwards (Maya Jane Coles Remix) 5:56
13   Poison Heart (Soulsavers Re-Work) 3:40
14   You Move (Latroit Remix) 4:17
Archives / Re: 2017: Spirit and Global Spirit Tour
« Last post by Angelinda on 11 August 2017 - 00:18:16 »
2017-08-10 - Evgueny Finkelstein on Instagram:

[Evgueny Finkelstein is DM's concert organiser in Russia. He uploaded a photo of him and Dave Gahan and wrote that Depeche Mode will return to Saint Petersburg on 2018-02-16.]

"По многочисленным просьбам пришлось убедить #Depechemode вернуться в Россию! #depechemode #16февраля #2018 #спб @pmishow @depechemode #pmi"

Translation: "By numerous requests I had to convince #Depechemode to return to Russia! #depechemode #16february #2018 # spb @pmishow @depechemode #pmi"
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