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Please help me find news items
« on: 10 October 2011 - 22:25:55 »

as you might have noticed, I have now gathered every news item for every DM/solo projects that started in 2008 till now. I am working in reverse chronological order. That means that soon, I am going to focus on projects that started in 2007: Dave Gahan's Hourglass (and his collaborations with frYars and Mirror), Recoil's SubHuman, Fletch's DJ tour, and DM's Best Of.

However, the further I go into the past, the more difficult it becomes for me to find news items, because A) a lot of news items have expired and are no longer retrievable on the Internet, and B) for the majority of media's history, printing or broadcasting news items were preferred over putting them on the Internet. So, I am more and more relying on you people to offer to submit items to me.

I'm sure a lot of you have a little stack of magazines with DM in them lying around somewhere, but you never took the time to scan these items. So I'm kindly asking you to submit these to me. If you do, you should keep in mind that the most recent publications have the most priority since I am working in reverse chronological order. Also, if you still need to scan them, it's best to ask me first if I have a scan of that particular news item already, since if I do, then you don't need to go through the work of scanning and uploading it.
As you might know, the site has been offline for a while now, but I know a person who is determined to not only create a website that has exactly all the files that once had, but she also wants to update the number of articles and add new ones. I already offered her the scans that I found scattered on the Internet so far, but if you send me scans of articles/interviews that haven't been online before, I am hoping that you will agree that it would be nice if they appeared on her yet-to-come website also. So, if you send me scans, you are not just doing it for this forum, but you are doing it for that website too (and the scans will get a lot more justice on that website since they will be easier to find, and will be viewed by a lot more people). All of this goes for scans of magazines in any language, not just English.

Also, another type of news items that are very, very hard to find are radio interviews and radio specials. Radio stations have only begun to upload them in these recent years, and most of the time they only upload them for a limited amount of time. So it's impossible for me to find radio interviews from the 80's and 90's, unless they already are uploaded by fans! I'm hoping that some of you have some bootleg CDs lying around with old radio interviews. If you, please send me these also. While I'm not going to upload these one by one, it is possible that if we gather enough radio files (or any other type of files that are not HQ TV files), we might do something with it (I haven't discussed this with bongmute yet, but it also depends on your response). In any case, it would be great if you share as much as possible, and of course I'm more than eager to gather them and share them with all of you. And please don't think that this pertains to English-based interviews only, I'm sure non-English news items are also very much appreciated!

Even if you do not physically obtain a news item, it's still important to me if you at least inform me of the news item's existence. So for instance, if you know that there once was a particular radio interview (and you can give me info on the date, radio station, programme, and country), then I can at least put it in a list as "missing".

Also, if you happen to know of or find any online, editable textual articles or interviews, please don't hesitate to just send me a link, so that I know of their existance. Especially non-English articles/interviews are hard to find via Googling, since I don't know how to look for them (for example, it's pretty hard to find interviews typed in a Slavic language if the English word "interview" is not mentioned in the text).

All in all, I am writing this message because only a select few members on this forum send me items, and the rest do not. I am hoping that this will give you the incentive to take the time to share more news items, so that we can put it all in chronological order and share them with one another. In any case, your (user)name will be credited where appropiate.

If I have any particular news items that I want to have (e.g. scans of one particular magazine), I will post it as a reply to this thread (i.e. below this post), either in the "solo" archives section or in the "DM" archives section (depending on whether the request is about a DM news item or solo news item, of course). They will be removed once the request is fulfilled (or once I have given up).

You cannot reply to threads in this forum section, so you are going to have to send me anything of what I requested via PM.

Thank you in advance!


P.S. Just to clarify: no thread is ever finished! If you have any news items that should belong in a thread that has already been created, I can still post it there at any time, so please let me know!

Edit on 27-02-2012: the Archives section is public and not private for the time being. Any non-registered people reading this should know that they can become a contributor not only by sending in TV recordings, but by scanning any magazine/newspaper articles too. Below is a list of what I'm looking for, regarding solo projects.
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Re: Please help me find news items
« Reply #1 on: 12 November 2011 - 03:30:28 »
2010-2011: Recoil

Z obsahu Reportu 4/10: Intro: Poprava Andělů Merchandising: Nutný a zábavný Druhé dějství AC/DC: Iron Man 2Scorpions: Poslední bodnutí? Die Antwoord: Jízda v protisměru Alan Wilder: Je návrat otázkou času?

2010-06-xx - Synthetics (Germany)

INTERVIEWS& STORIES duran duran pet shop boys a-ha eisbrecher a-ha live nitzer ebb bon jovi recoil goldfrapp odradek

2010-05-xx - Raveline (Germany) - Interview with Alan Wilder
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Re: Please help me find news items
« Reply #2 on: 26 November 2011 - 03:46:04 »
2007: Dave Gahan

2007-10-xx - Revista Sunete (Romania) - Interview with Dave (print): "In luna octombrie, revista Sunete se prezinta cu Dave Gahan pe coperta si in interior. Noutati, bunatati, printre care si un interviu in exclusivitate cu impricinatul, realizat la Londra de Berti Barbera.
Revista va ajunge la tipar la sfarsitul lunii curente. Dau de veste de indata ce loveste rafturile din magazine si tarabele din intersectii. 
"B.B.: Cand se reuneste familia Depeche Mode?
D.G.: Depeche Mode ramane o mare familie. Nu avem planuri pe moment. Stiu ca Martin scrie piese noi iar eu cu Christian si cu Andrew ne-am propus sa lucram din nou in curand, dar inca nu am vorbit despre nimic clar. Probabil ne vom intalni anul viitor si vom discuta despre ideea unui nou album.""

Neue Luzerner Zeitung Nr. 243 vom 20.10.2007
Im Kulturteil obiger Tageszeitung ist ein Interview. Hier ein Auszug davon:
Sie scheinen sehr stolz auf Ihre Texte zu sein. Kommt nun bald der erste Dave-Gahan-Gedichtband?
Gahan: Interessant, dass Sie das fragen: Mit dieser Idee ist kürzlich jemand an mich herangetreten. Dabei habe ich doch erst gerade damit angefangen, meine Gedanken aufzuschreiben.
Gibt es Lieder von Depeche Mode, die Ihnen heute auf die Nerven gehen?
Gahan: "I feel loved" hat mir nie gefallen. Aber sonst? Es gibt viele Lieder, die ich schlicht und einfach vergessen habe. Meine Erinnerung wird dann jeweils bei der Titelauswahl für eine neue Tour aufgefrischt.
Die CD Hymnenhaft und sehnsüchtig
Dave Gahan gehts gut: Sein erstes Soloalbum "Paper Monsters" (2003) war ein Erfolg, und das Leben als stolzer Papi sorgt dafür, dass der Elektro-Rocker ausgeglichener denn je ist. Trotz dieser positiven Umstände zeigt seine zweite Solo-CD "Hourglass" (zu Deutsch: Sanduhr) vor allem sein Hadern mit sich und seiner Umwelt. Die Lieder sind wesentlich elektronischer geraten als die des gitarrenlastigeren Vorgängers. Die Arrangements klingen bewusst etwas kaputt, doch sie können nicht verbergen, dass Gahan einmal mehr ein paar fantastische Nummern aus dem Ärmel geschüttelt hat. Dave Gahan beweist mit "Hourglass" eindrücklich, dass er definitiv mehr ist als "nur" die sexy Stimme und der ewige Posterboy von Depeche Mode: Er kann auch klasse Songs schreiben.

2007-11-xx - Chart magazine (Canada) - Dave Gahan: A Question Of Time
2007-09-14 - Zillo (Germany) - Bericht über Dave
2007-10-22 - Metro Paris #1248 (France) - front, page 26
2007-10-xx - MUSIC # xx (Czech Republic) - Dave Gahan 2p
2007-11-xx - Bravo (Romania) - Dave Gahan (I have the text but not the scan)
2007-11-xx - Rolling Stone (Turkey) - Track to Track interview with Dave Gahan
2007-11-xx - GQ (Germany) - Interview with Dave
2007-11-xx - Groove (Germany) - Interview with Dave Gahan and Booka Shade
2007-11-xx - Carrefour Savoirs #101 (France) - page 24 (Hourglass cd review)
2007-xx-xx - TICKET # xx (UK) - Dave Gahan interview & photos
2008-01-xx - Newsweek (Poland) - Metafizyczna muzyka pop: Interview
Online interview: "Martin Gore unterstützt mich"
Musikalisch ist mir mein Sohn ein Rätsel (Rockstar CH 2007)
Die Stunde des Sängers (D 2007)
Zweiter Streich von Dave Gahan (20 Minuten CH 2007)
Der Spätzünder (BAZ CH 2007)
Selbstfindung (Musikmarkt D 2007)
Meine Haare sind mir immer noch wichtig (Trend Magazin CH 2007)
A'Four magazine (Poland), 2007
2007-10-xx - Melodie und Rythmus (Germany)
2007-xx-xx - Blue Jean (Turkey) - interview (link)
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Re: Please help me find news items
« Reply #3 on: 27 November 2011 - 04:03:53 »
2007: Recoil

2007-07-05 - Keys Magazine #8 (Germany) - Alan Wilder

Nachgefragt: Recoil Nach sieben Jahren Pause veröffentlicht Alan Wilder ein neues Reciol-Album. Für das Ex-Depeche-Mode-Miglied bedeutete die Rückkehr ins Studio unter anderem sich mit neuen Produktionsmöglichkeiten auseinandersetzen zu müssen.

2007-11-xx - iReport (Czech Republic) - ?

2007-xx-xx - Zero Music Magazine #2(Sweden) - Alan Wilder
REPORT 11/07 Z obsahu Reportu 11/07: Alan Wilder: V hněvu se neohlížej ...
2007-08-xx - Future Music (UK) - interview with Alan
2007-07-xx - El Pais EP3 (Friday supplement of El Pais) (Spain) - ?
Romania : Jurnalul national
Finland : Valo
POLAND – Machina
TURKEY - Billboard
AUSTRIA - Kurier, Stringer for Falter 
SPAIN - GQ Men's new tendencies monthly magazine
UK - Reverb magazine, Blues Matters
FRANCE - Keyboard/recording magazine, The Noise, Les Inrockuptibles
RUSSIA - Art Electronicsmag
2007-10-xx - Ceska Televizne (Czech Republic) - Interview (article)
Alan Wilder: Ich bekomme bei jedem Album Selbstzweifel (Trend Magazin CH 2007)
2007-xx-xx - Play (Russia) - Alan Wilder Interview, looking for this in a bigger size

2007-05-15 - Revista Sunete (Romania) - Interview with Alan Wilder
In numarul din luna iunie al revistei SUNETE (aparitie 15 iunie) va prezentam un interviu EXCLUSIV cu ALAN WILDER. Berti Barbera a vorbit la telefon 20 minute cu Alan!!! Nu ratati acest numar de SUNETE
Pana atunci, doar o mica parte din interviu, ca sa vedeti ca e "real" vorba cu Alan Wilder
     Formezi  un numar de telefon si realizezi ca vei sta de vorba cu o persoana despre care stii atat de multe prin muzica pe care o ofera. Preocuparea e legata in primul rand de felul cum va decurge conversatia. Ce fel de om, e, cum se va implica in discutie, ce dispozitie are azi? |n foarte scurt timp totul devine atat de firesc incat ai senzatia ca vorbesti cu un vechi prieten. Prietenul Alan, de la care pot afla mai mult decat ce este postat pe internet.
B.B. : Alan?
A.W. : La telefon.
B.B. : Ce placere…Esti la studio. Cat timp petreci acolo?
A.W.: Uneori mult prea mult. Mai ales cand am un proiect in derulare. |n general lucrez mult in timpul saptamanii pentru a sta cu familia in weekend.
B.B.: Este acest nou album o reflectie a lui Alan Wilder cel din ziua de azi?
A.W.: Nu stiu. Este? Eu nu scriu piese, nu scriu texte. Pun sunete la un loc si incerc sa le dau un sens. |ncerc sa fac in asa fel incat aceasta colectie de piese sa reprezinte ceva. Si gasesc o tema a albumului si un titlu potrivit. Dar ideile apartin altcuiva, lucrurile despre care s-a scris reprezinta pe altcineva. Muzical, da, reflecta ceva legat de mine, dar nu stiu exact ce e.
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Re: Please help me find news items
« Reply #4 on: 28 November 2011 - 05:05:55 »
2003-2004: Dave Gahan

Musikexpress 2003-09-02  Songs Of Dave And Emotion DG bringt sein Emanzipations-Album auf die Bühne.

2003-06-xx - Kalendar (Russia) - Interview (conducted in St. Petersburg) translation
interview with Dave for Side-Line #44 (print), July 2003.
2003-06-xx - Play (Russia) - Dave Gahan solo
Dave Gahan live und solo (Volksstimme D 2003)
Dave allein (Musik Express D 2003)
Akustikhits statt eines Egotrips (Konzertkritik von Hamburg Hamburger Morgenpost D 2003)
Dave Gahan über den Kampf gegen die ganz persönlichen Monster (DNA SIX D 2003)
Persönlicher Solo-Erstling (20 Minuten CH 2003)
Papier-Monster als Therapie (Musikmarkt D 2003)
Der nächste bitte! DAVE GAHAN (Musix D 2003)
Durststrecke trotz gutem Gahan-Debüt (20 Minuten CH 2003)
Depeche Mode Sänger Dave Gahan startet seine Solo-Tour in Berlin (Hamburger Morgenpost D 2003)
Solo-Gahan: Feuertaufe im Volkshaus (Konzertkritik von Zürich 20 Minuten CH 2003)
5 Fragen an Dave Gahan (20 Minuten CH 2003)
Ein Solo für Zwei (Konzertkritik von Zürich TA CH 2003)
Bescheidenheit als neue Tugend (Konzertkritik von Zürich NZZ CH 2003)
Dave Gahan: Mode alone (D 2003)
Dave Gahan rockt solo vor 3500 Fans in Berlin (Konzertkritik von Berlin Hamburger Morgenpost D 2003)
Die geliebte Stimme (Konzertkritik von Berlin Berliner Morgenpost D 2003)
Lasst ihn leiden (Konzertkritik von Berlin Berliner Zeitung D 2003)
Das Rädchen in der Maschine (Konzertkritik von Berlin Die Tageszeitung D 2003)
Ein Heiliger mit Gänsehaut-Hymnen (Konzertkritik von Berlin B.Z. Kultur D 2003)
Dave Gahan wirbelt durch die Halle (Konzertkritik von Berlin D 2003)
Solo-Mode Dave Gahan (Music Manual A 2003)
Kennen sie Mr. Gahan? (Bild Leipzig D 2003)
Prominez zu Gast in den Promenaden (Promenaden Express Leipzig D 2003)
Nicht mehr nur Sänger (Hamburger Morgenpost D 2003)
The year of the cat (Side-Line Belgique 2003)
Dave Gahan schwebt auf der Wolke (D 2003)
Muskelpralle Erlöserpose (Konzertkritik von Frankfurt D 2003)
Musikbox mit Sexappeal (Konzertkritik von Frankfurt D 2003)
Es geht auch ohne Depeche Mode (D 2003)
Ich bin nicht Martin Gores Marionette (D 2003)
Dave Gahan will seine Fans in Erfurt treffen (D 2003)
Electro-Elvis (Konzertkritik von Erfurt D 2003)
Der mit dem tollen Hüftschwung tanzt (Konzertkritik von Düsseldorf D 2003)
Die Teufelskerle und die Rampensau (Konzertkritik von Hannover Hannoversche Allgemeine D 2003)
DeMo ist nur ein Teil von mir (OZ Elot D 2003)
Ich musste meine Aengste umarmen (D 2003)
Dave Gahan Live (Keys D 2004)
Dave Gahan, The whyte Seeds (DNA SIX 2004)
Der Depeche Mode-Mann über Solokarriere und Ausstiegspläne (Tele CH 2004)
2003-05, "X-ray, XFM's sister mag (Dandy Warhols on cover). "if Dave was God for a day; single is out soon."
interview "Dave Gahan regresa del infierno" June 13 2003, Chilean LUN website.
JAM 95 (Italy), luglio/agosto Jambalaya Interviews: Dave Gahan
2003-06-xx - Premiere (Sweden) - Interview with Dave Gahan
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Re: Please help me find news items
« Reply #5 on: 02 January 2012 - 23:42:03 »
2003-2004: Martin Gore

A French magazine called Score from April 2003: #12 page 116

French newspaper Liberation, 28-04-2003:

Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode) was talking about Perfidious Words at a interview with the italian "Hard Rock" magazine: "...I have to say that the songs are good: melodies, arrangements, vocals and the basic sound are worth buying for a DM fan...".

Ein grosser Musiker im kleinen Rahmen (Konzertkritik von Köln D 2003)
Covers mit Leidenschaft (Sonnatagszeitung CH 2003)
Martin L. Gore, Counterfeit 2 (D 2003)
Idole und Fälschungen (Raveline D 2003)
Köln, E-Werk (DNA SIX D 2003)
L wie Loverman (Zillo D 2003)
interview with Martin Gore for Kaleidoscope magazine (UK), November 2003. link
2003-xx-xx - Galore (Germany) - article/interview?
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Re: Please help me find news items
« Reply #6 on: 20 January 2012 - 04:30:59 »
2003-2004: both Martin Gore and Dave Gahan and/or Fletch

There was once a French fansite called on which scans of French magazines:
contact - Juin 2003 - N° 387  1 page
EPOK - Juin 2003 - N° 37    1 page Journaliste : Damien Almira. Photographe : Anton Corbijn.
Le Parisien - 04-07-2003, N° 18292 1 page. Journalist: Sebastien Catroux. Photo: Benoit tessier.
ROCK & FOLK 04-2003 n°428 2pgs 33 power trios Journalist: Jerome Soligny/Gil Boiteux. Photo: Corbijn.
Zwei Stars in beziehungsklärender Einzeltherapie (Stuttgarter Zeitung D 2003)
So ein Album wie Erasure würde ich niemals machen (E-lectric D 2003)
Depeche-Köpfe: Solo-Mode (20 Minuten CH 2003)
Frohe Lieder mag ich nicht (20 Minuten CH 2003)
Hoffnungsvolle Töne (20 Minuten CH 2003)
Kill your Idols! (Tageszeitung D 2003)
Einsame Schatten (WOM Journal D 2003)
Auf MTV werden meine Songs nicht laufen (D 2003)
Obskure Lieder (D 2003)
Dicke Luft bei Depeche Mode (Zürichexpress CH 2003)
Spätzünder (Tele CH 2003)
Neu geboren (20 Minuten Week CH 2003)
Doppel-Depeche (NLZ CH 2003)
Sauber, Mann (Piranha D 2003)
Depeche Mode am Ende? Sag’ niemals nie (Blick CH 2003)
Viel mehr als ein Urvater des britischen Synthie-Pops (Schweizer Illustrierte CH 2003)
Schlussstrich und Neubeginn (AVO Session Basel CH 2003)
Epochales Werk der Elektropop-Pioniere (Musikwoche D 2003)
Hits und Kult (Musikmarkt D 2003)
Beste Aussichten für das neue Jahr (Sonic Seducer D 2003)
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Re: Please help me find news items
« Reply #7 on: 27 February 2012 - 23:44:21 »
2002-2004: Andy Fletcher

Side-Line, 17 June 2002] 3rd Depeche Mode member launches own label
The rumours have been around for quite some time, but they have now been confirmed. Andrew Fletcher will be launching his very own label in the months to come. The labelname is as of yet still unknown though sources indicate the name would be something like I-6. Fletcher apparently already has a signee as well on the label in the form of a girlsduo. In an interview with the French DVD magazine DVD Home he says: "I have been working with a girlsband for the last few months, the band is not know at all right now, but they have all the potential to become huge." It's not the first time that Fletcher has worked on a solo project. An unreleased demo called "Toast Hawaii" (Fletch's favourite dish from the Berlin based Hansa Studios cafe in 1983) featured Fletch singing cover versions of his favourite tunes, accompanied by Alan Wilder and Martin on piano. Alan Wilder once commented on it by saying: "We did however, have problems convincing Dan Miller that it was worth releasing!" Obviously the tape was never released.

[29 July 2002] Side-Line exclusive: Client interview online
A short but extremely interesting Client audio interview has been added online at the official Client website. In the chat, 'Client F' interviews 'Client B'. And speaking of audio, don't forget that you can download two tracks exclusively at the website, namely "Client n°1" and "Client n°2". For your info, Client is a brand new band fronted by two ladies, 'Client A' and 'Client B'. Managed by Depeche Mode's Andy Fletcher, the band offers a mix between Kraftwerk, Ladytron and the pumping beats from the female fronted electropop band Epsilon Minus. Also added to the website is a mailing list. Check the download out for sure, especially Depeche Mode fans will be very surprised!

interview with Fletch in 2004 for a Slovenian newspaper:
"1 page interview from 11.9.2004, interview took place in a toilet). He talked about new dM album.
1) No producer info
2) All other big decision will be made during studio 'time'.
2) Martin has written 7 new songs (not a word about Dave).
3) They have booked studio time in October.
4) Plan: 1 year in studio, 1 year touring.
5) They are the best pals (Dave, Martin, Fletch)"

25-05-2004: "news from Valencia (Spain) Fan Club, Lostmysefl
Last Friday, Fletch and Client were in Valencia. Valencia Fan Club made a interview to Andy Fletcher. These are the news than we can read in our spanish forum:
* Martin has recorded 6 demos
* Martin and Dave have talked. Everyone of them knows the number of songs than they will contribute to the new album
* According to this Fan Club, they met in a studio
* They have plans for touring next year and Valencia will be included on this future tour
Thanks to LostmyseflDM Valencia Fan Club"
"Vuestra web devota pone a vuestra disposición las nuevas entrevistas realizadas por Gonzalo Guillén, miembro de Nomenklatura y presidente de LostmyselfDMClub, a Andrew Fletcher y Client.
En las entrevistas podréis leer lo que estamos adelantando el último mes en vuestra web de culto, la colaboración de Martin Gore en el último disco de Client o el nombre de City para su nuevo disco.
También, por supuesto, el anuncio de nuevo disco y gira de Depeche Mode para mayo de 2005.
Lo que no os podemos asegurar es la presencia de Fletcher en la III convención de fans de Depeche Mode en Valencia el próximo mes de abril de 2005 en la discoteca Le Club, la misma noche que presentaremos el nuevo disco en exclusiva.
Además, y para terminar, DM visita España en su próxima gira. Pararán en Madrid y Barcelona, Valencia está en la agenda también.
Pronto más noticias."

interview with Fletch around July the 14th, 2004. According to the newsletter at the time, "DEPECHE MODE are already working on their new album according to the band's ANDY FLETCHER. Speaking to UK music industry magazine Music Week Fletcher is reported as saying 'We are already thinking about the next album and have started to get a few song ideas together already'."

In March 2004, Fletch did an interview with Rolling Stone Mexico. According to a fan, next to talking about Client, he "...talks about the worst moment in depeche mode, his best moment and sexual fantasies...nothing interesting. He says that the future of depeche looks promising. I don´t know but have you notice that fletcher alwaqys repeats himself in interviews...Quote. .."the album sounds fantastic, dave´s vocals  sounds great, martin songs are the best yet...yada yada..."

August 2004: "the German Forum cites the German music magazine "Sonic Seducer" with Andy Fletcher/DM reports. According to the forum, the magazine met Fletch in the middle of july. He is cited: The next band meeting will take place in about two weeks in the US, or a week later in England. (This doesn't sound too unrealistic, given the rumours that Martin is in the UK or will be there soon). It is also said that, according to Fletch, the band is still searching for a producer, some names have been dropped around (but none of them is cited). It is also said that Fletch hopes the band will start recording in september."

interview Andy Fletcher, Swedish Metro on Sep. 5, 2003 same day, Stockholm
interview with Fletch in the German magazine Synthetics, June 2003.
Flash presentation of "Client F interviews Client B", posted on Client's website in Dec. 2003
Issue 42 of Side-Line out January 5th 2003 interviews with Andy Fletcher: From scratch again
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Re: Please help me find news items
« Reply #8 on: 09 May 2012 - 14:09:51 »
1997-2000: Recoil

Mute had released a list of magazines/newspapers that interviewed Alan in 1997. We still need scans of the following:
SWEDEN: Novelty (electro fanzine) SVD (newspaper) DN (newspaper) Zynthac (electro fanzine)
DENMARK: Chat Room (Internet) Zoo (music mag) Beat (P3: radio: Jan Laursen) Jam Magazine Politiken (newspaper) Berlingske (newspaper) Ekstra Bladet (newspaper)
BELGIUM: Gonzo Circus (magazine) De Morgen (newspaper) Het Nieuwsblad (newspaper) De Standard (newspaper) Le Soir (newspaper) Telemoustique (magazine)
GERMANY: Niagara (indie mag) Le Grand Noir (quarterly mag) Vertigo (magazine) Reflection (fanzine) WOM Journal (magazine) Intro (magazine) GDM (trade mag) Musikwoche (retail mag) Musik express (music mag) New Life (Dec / January edition) - Cover story Visions - Feature  Bodystyler - Feature  E-lectric - Feature 
AUSTRIA: Freak (bi-monthly) Wiener Zeitung (newspaper) Sound & Media (retail mag) Rennabahn/Express/Kurier (monthly mag/newspaper) FM4/Wiener (radio/monthly mag) Skug (bi-monthly) Club 03 (monthly mag) Kronen Zeitung (daily newspaper) News (weekly)

Time Out Magazine - Nov 5-12 1997 - Alan Wilder reviewing the singles
The Shunt website mentioned having done many more interviews in 1997, but they did not specify most of the media. Please read this to have an idea of what we still need:

2000: Liquid promotion:
Shunt had uploaded a list of all the promotion they did. We have quite a few of these as text already, but we still need scans of these articles:
Germany: Features: Spex, Visions, Intro, Aktiv Musik, Ostseezeitung, Die Welt, Express, Loop, TextUndTon, Westzeit, Gaffa, WOM-Journal, Uncle Sallys, Scenario, Guide-Berlin, Black Mag, Visions, Blind date. Review: Musikexpress, Musikmarkt, Downtown News, Coolibri, Beam Me Up, Music Woche, Media Markt Vision, Kulturmagazine, Schnuss-Bonn, Schadelspalter, Hamburger M-post, Kartsadt Music News, Gitarre & Bass.
UK/Ireland: Features: The Mix, Creative Review, Peterborough Herald, Degrees North, The Independent. Reviews: Q magazine, Uncut, Rocksound, The Wire, The Big Issue, Buzz, The Jam, Essex Post, Yorkshire Post, Grip Manchester.
USA/Canada:Features: Alternative Press, CMJ, Lexicon, The Blue Divide, Honeythunder, Billboard. Reviews: Faqt, Flaunt, Insight, Gear, Resonance, Virtually Alternative, CVC Report, Tandem, CMJ Weekly, Winnipeg Sun.
Spain:Features: Diario 16, Shangay, Vanidad, Mondo Sonoro, Abarna, Deck Delux, Self, Vibraciones Pop, I.Occult, Avui (Rosa Torras).
Portugal:Features: Blitz, On, Publico, Comercio Do Porto, Jornal De Noticias, Dario De Noticias, Music Net, Mondo Bizarre.
Sweden:Features: Release Magazine, Svenska Dagbladet, Groove, Norra Newspaper, Aftonbladet, Zero, GP, Expressen.
Norway:Features: Plan B, Adresseavisen, Backstage, Bergens Tidene   , Prospective, Avis 1   .
France:Features: Blah Blah, Furia, Trax, Newcomer.Review: Rock + Folk   
Belgium: Feature: De Morgen   , Rif Raf, LA DH, Het Nieuwsblad, Telemoustique, LLB.
Austria/Switzerland:Features: Club OE3, Wiener Zeitung, Libro Journal, Skug, Expressen.
Poland:Feature: Tylko RockReviews: Machina, XL Magazine.
Denmark:Features: Gaffa, Zoo, Blender, Politiken.
Italy:Features: La Repubblica, Rockstar, Ritual, Rockerilla.
Hungary:Feature: Wanted
Czechoslovakia:Features: Rock + Pop, Melodie, Rolling Stone.
Finland:Feature: Rumba

Ein Leben nach Depeche Mode... Recoil (Orkus D 1997)
Recoil-Unsound methods (X-Point D 1997)
1997-07-xx - Keyboard Magazine (US) - Alan Wilder Interview:
Future Music Magazine, November 1997. Issue 62 Interview by Andy Jones (I have the text, but not the scans.)
1998-03-xx - Sound & Recording (Japan) - UM
Keyboards Recording (France) khs118 1998: Interviews : Recoil, Adam F, Jonny L, Goldie,...
Recoil (Barcode GB 2000)
Von Fans verfolgt (Tele CH 2000)
Recoil (Orkus D 2000)
Recoil (Sonic Seducer D 2000)
Alan Wilder auf der Psychocouch (Sonic Seducer D 2000)

On page 13 of the February 1998 issue of Keyboard Magazine (in the News section), there is a mention of the Unsound Methods CD. Also featured is a quick blurb from the Unsound Methods press release, and a hint that there will be an article on Unsound Methods in a future issue of Keyboard Magazine.
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