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Title: Dave Gahan: Miscellaneous
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This thread includes all public appearances as published by the media which do not involve Dave in the role of a member of Depeche Mode/solo artist, but as himself. Any news items relating to a DM/solo project or published in the time that he had to promote such a project, will be put in the appropriate thread elsewhere.

Please let me know if you know of/have any news items that should be in there but aren't.
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1988-xx-xx - U2's Rattle and Hum Movie Premiere - Interview with Dave

[Dave Gahan went to this movie premiere October 31st, 1988 as a guest and was briefly interviewed. This clip features as an easter egg on a DMTVA DVD. It is not hosted online.]

Newsanchor: But first: the Empire Leicester square was the scene of an ecstatic reception for U2 in London this week. Hundreds of well-wishers gathered to get their idols a heroes' welcome at the London premiere of their new film Rattle And Hum. Chanting choruses from their favourite U2 songs, the crowd, the crowd looked on as some famous faces arrived to celebrate a very special Halloween night. We asked them what they thought.
Dave: ...and now, he's said to be the biggest fan in the world. I think they sort of... what they've done, it's been really good the way they built over the years, I think it's... That's what a band really wants to do, to build like that, and this is really the high point in their career, I suppose. A lot of groups now, they just wanna make a sort of 2-hour promo, a glossy promo, but you've got to see the really bad side of rock 'n' roll as well, and that's something you don't see, and in this sort of film I think you're gonna see like what it really is like, life on the road. And so, hopefully, it's gonna be pretty interesting.
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1991-04-xx - Spin (US) - Fashion for Peace

( (
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1994-02-05 - VH1 (U.S.) - David Gahan on The Naked Cafe


A fashion feature with David Gahan and designer Karen Dusenberry.
The Naked Cafe was an entertainment magazine type show on VH1 back in 1994. During one segment, the show did a spotlight on Karen Dusenberry (a fashion designer). David Gahan stopped by during the taping of the segment, and discussed some of the wardrobe she created for him.
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1994-08-11 - Dave Gahan attends a Joan Jett gig:

Dave Gahan attended a performance done by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. The first photo was published in Rolling Stone magazine. The second photo was uploaded by Daniel "BRAT" Barassi on his personal site before he became DM's webmaster.

( ( (
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1995-03-15 - MTV (US) - GuestsMTV: Dave Gahan online chat

( (

[In 1995, a charity against AIDS called Board AID held a 3-day benefit at Snow Summit, Big Bear Lake, CA. Dave Gahan was invited as a guest to enjoy the event and then MTV asked him to participate in the online chat. I cut out the chat with the other musicians and kept only Dave's part:]

MTVeeeee : The MTV Board AID name is going to be GuestsMTV... which will include a full roster of participants in this years Board AID..
GuestsMTV : Hi everybody. All the guests will by using this screenname. And we'll let you know who they are. Right now we're here with Scott Ian from Anthrax, and more guests will be stopping by in a little bit. So send your questions our way.
GuestsMTV: Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode is here. Throw him some questions.
GuestsMTV: Dave: I got roped into doing this. I'm just having fun. We're just quiet at the moment, I'm good, I'm healthy, I've just been in rehab for a while, I've got like 40 days. This is the first time I've really been out to anything in a while. I have a really good time, skied, came up with the wife & a few friends. Didn't know if I could still ski, but I had a really good time. I've got the flu, but I had a good time. I'm going to England in April, I'll see the guys from the band, we'll talk then about the future. But I haven't spoken to them in awhile.
Question: What was your favorite group as a teen?
GuestsMTV: Dave: Stones
GuestsMTV: Dave: Now I like Mazzy Star
GuestsMTV: Dave: And Howard Stern in the morning.
Question: How was this year's Board AID compared to last year?
GuestsMTV: Dave: Much more organized.
MTVixen: Could you guys describe what's happening there a little?
GuestsMTV: Dave: Everyone's snowboarding and skiing. It's good fun. I'm glad I came. It's expensive for the ski tickets. It's different, there's so many kids into it. It’s really cool. And Porno for Pyros are playing right now.
Question: How was the boarding today?
GuestsMTV: Dave: I skiied.
Question: Does Dave like to snowboard?
GuestsMTV: Dave: I'm gonna try it tomorrow.
Question: are you guys getting paid to do this?
GuestsMTV: Dave: No. I come up here for fun.
Question: Is Depeche Mode really french for "we're wussies", like Beavis & Butthead say???
GuestsMTV: Dave: We were doing some gigs and we didn't have a name. I was in college and a magazine that was just sittin there. So that just became our name. They got pissed off at first and tried to sue us. Then we got a bit more successful than the magazine, so they liked us.
Question: Do any of you guys know someone with AIDS?
GuestsMTV: Dave: A friend of mine died of AIDS. He fought with it for a long while, had his fill. He went off all the drugs and tried to do it the healthy way. Then he got tuberculosis and died.
Question: Can you guys hear Porno for Pyros? Hows the new stuff?
GuestsMTV: Dave: Vaguely. I'd like to go check em out.
Question: Dave, tell me what are the hottest bands out today. Please.
GuestsMTV: Dave: I really like Soundgarden, I think they've gotten better And better. Mazzy Star. I've been in rehab, so I haven't been out listening to any music. But I'm much better now.
Question: Does KMFDM really mean kill m.f. Depeche Mode?
GuestsMTV: Dave: Apparently not, but we thought it was for a while. We got people saying that for a long while but I think that's crap.
Question: Dave, when are you guys planning to tour again?
GuestsMTV: Dave: Not for awhile. We haven't even talked about going on the road again. We did 18 months of the last tour and it really burned us out. We haven't even talked about our next record. It's been 15 years of being together and everybody just needs a break. I think we'll get back together, but at the moment everybody's happy just having a bit of private time.
Question: Where do you guys live?
GuestsMTV: Dave: I live in LA and London, spending time between both places.
Question: Is this the coolest thing you've ever done for charity?
GuestsMTV: Dave: I've done things for young kids with cancer. There's a charity in London that's involved with terminally ill kids. Their courage is amazing to watch. There's a lot of stuff done for AIDs, which is great, but so many more people get killed of cancer. They need money, research. It's nice to be able to do something like that, you know.
GuestsMTV: Dave's gonna head out.
Question: We hope you stay healthy Dave.
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1996-11-14 - MTV - Dave Gahan attending the European Music Awards

( (

An extremely short clip, in which Dave says nothing but "I'm just here to watch everyone make prats of themselves", appears as an easter egg on the '97 DMTVA DVD. Not hosted online.
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1996-11-30 - Melody Maker (UK) - Dave Gahan at Erasure aftershow party

[Thanks to ScannedPress (;u=938) of ( for scanning this!]

( (
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1999-02-14 - HALO - News

February 14, 1999 - David and his girlfriend Jennifer got married in New York City today. Congratulations to them both.
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1999-08-06 - Depeche Mode - news

David's new daughter
On Thursday July 29th, at 6:25pm, in New York City, David's wife Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Stella Rose Gahan. Obviously, Dave is very happy, and very proud.
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2002-06-11 - Dave Gahan at David Bowie Concert[75081034]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

David Bowie in Concert at Roseland, backstage
June 11, 2002,  Roseland
New York City, New York USA
David Bowie, Serj Tankian of System of a Down, and Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode (Photo by KMazur)

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
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2004-09-01 - Dave Gahan - Dave appears in H&M ad campaign

Dave appears in H&M ad campaign
Dave will be appearing in an ad campaign for H&M. Also available is a wallpaper sized image (1024x768 only - sorry).

( (

Liten byrå visar H&M vägen

På fredag rullar H&M:s höstkampanj i gång i 20-talet länder. Bara produktionskostnaden för kampanjen går lös på ett tvåsiffrigt miljonbelopp, erfar DN. Bakom kampanjen står lilla trendbyrån New i Stockholm.

I ett litet kontor på 100 kvadratmeter i centrala Stockholm har New tagit fram klädföretaget H&M:s nya höstkampanj.

Temat är brittiskt och nyckeltalen för produktionen imponerar: en popstjärna, sex toppmodeller, 45 personer i fototeamet samt 80 statister.

Kampanjen, som utformats som en modevisning, plåtades på Pier 59 på Manhattan i New York.

Det gamla varvet är numera omvandlat till världens största fotostudio.

Den totala produktionskostnaden för denna gigantiska produktion uppgår till mellan 10 och 20 miljoner kronor, erfar DN.

Tillkommer gör då förstås annonskostnaden och butiksmaterial som trots allt utgör lejonparten av budgeten.

Eftersom H&M snart finns i tjugo länder är kampanjen det O-listade bolagets största hittills och ska löpa i tio veckor.

I höstens kampanj har H&M anlitat sex nya toppmodeller; Julia Stegner från Tyskland, "den nya Claudia Schiffer", Isabeli Fontana från Brasilien, "dyr kändismodell", Roos van Bosstraten från Belgien, "ny", Audrey Marnay från Frankrike, "äldre, 30 plus", Heather Marks från USA, "up and coming", och Ujjwala Raut från Indien, "karismatisk".

- Det är toppmodeller som i vanliga fall modellar för Gucci, Prada och Chanel, säger Martin Renck, art director på reklambyrån New, som nu gör sin tredje kampanj för H&M.

Dessutom är gamla popstjärnan David Gahan från Depeche Mode med i kampanjen.

Tyska toppfotografen Ellen von Unwerth har tagit bilderna. Hon har bland annat gjort reklambilder för klädmärket Guess och var den som upptäckte Claudia Schiffer.

H&M:s vårkampanj hade också modevisningen som tema. Men nu tar man det hela ett steg till.

- Tanken är att fånga catwalken på runwayen, backstage och från front row där de verkliga stjärnorna finns, säger reklammannen Martin Renck.

Egentligen ville reklambyrån att H&M:s höstkampanj skulle inramas av engelska gods och trädgårdar, men den idén får vila för att kanske dammas av ett kommande år. H&M har hängt på höstens modetrend som domineras av det brittiska; alltifrån tweed och lammull till sammet och siden.

Mönstren är traditionellt brittiska, som klanrutigt i argyle och tartan samt smårutiga dogs tooth.

- Vi har valt fotomodeller med lite influx från den engelska kolonialtiden, lite rödhårigt cartoonish samtidigt som de ska utstråla klassisk stil och skönhet, säger Martin Renck.

H&M prövar också på ett par innovationer för höstens kampanj. Dels kommer Londons taxibilar att kläs i smårutigt, dels kommer en t-banestation i Milano att helt domineras av H&M-kampanjen.

Kampanjens beställare är Jörgen Andersson, marknadschef på H&M, och den som basar för H&M:s kreativa avdelning som går under namnet Röda rummet. Han vill dock inte kommentera kampanjen i förväg.

Bernt Hermele
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2005-10-19 - J Lindeberg - SS06 Press Release

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode & Alison Mosshart of The Kills to be new faces of J.Lindeberg’s 21st Century Statements SS06 campaign

21st century life style brand J.Lindeberg announces Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode and Alison Mosshart of The Kills to be the new faces of their 21st Century Statements campaign for Spring Summer 2006, shot by cult photographer Steven Klein. The already iconic and ground-breaking advertising concept, currently featuring Juliette Lewis and Carl Barat, bestows upon the artists a way to convey their personal thoughts, emotions and opinions, thus enabling the individual to contribute not only through their physical appearance but also through intellectual involvement.
Additionally, Johan Lindeberg has designed Dave Gahan's stage clothing which Dave will be wearing throughout Depeche Mode's up-coming 'Playing the Angel' world tour, music videos and press appearances thus Dave becoming the source of inspiration for the pre Fall/Winter'06 J.Lindeberg main line collection. The designs include suits, waistcoats, t-shirts, shirts and belts and feature graphic prints inspired by Dave Gahan's tattoos.
Dave Gahan says: "We're a good fit. Johan has been designing all my stage clothes; I've always loved his designs. I thought last season's Juliette Lewis and Carl Barat campaign was very effective and I'm excited about being involved with the 21st Century Statements campaign."
The relationship between J.Lindeberg and Dave Gahan is one of mutual respect. Creative Director Johan Lindeberg says, "It was very inspiring to create an entire wardrobe for Dave and to work with him and Alison Mosshart on our SS06 campaign. I feel very connected with Dave as we both like to dress and express ourselves in the same way. I've always liked the dark and painful expression of Depeche Mode, still with a lot of light and hope."
Established in 1996 by Johan Lindeberg in New York and Stockholm - J.Lindeberg includes J.Lindeberg Concept, Progressive Tailoring, j.lindeberg.denim and Future Sports. With 10 flagship stores and distribution in over 25 countries, Johan's vision to create THE 21st Century lifestyle brand for the modern consumer is fast becoming a reality.

( ( ( (

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2006-02-26 - La times (US) - A back-breaker of an agenda,0,7346187,full.story

A back-breaker of an agenda
Nominated for his score to 'Brokeback Mountain,' Gustavo Santaolalla long ago gained fame but still takes nothing for granted.


After kitchen duty on this busy morning, Santaolalla is probing the possibility of landing Depeche Mode's David Gahan as a guest singer on the new album by Santaolalla's esoteric electro-tango fusion band, Bajofondo Tango Club. He takes a call from the British singer's manager, pacing in a sunny den off the kitchen and ticking off his packed calendar of upcoming projects like a verbal résumé: concerts in London and New York for Osvaldo Golijov's "Ayre," the classical work that he produced last year for Deutsche Grammophon, a "wonderful record," if he does say so himself.

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2007-02-01 - Book: Marilyn Minter, by Johanna Burton - Interview with Marilyn Minter by various artists

( (

Dave Gahan: When I am thinking about the music I am working on, it comes to me through what I see and feel visually. when you are painting, do you hear or paint through sounds and music?
Marilyn Winter: That is a great question. When I am shooting the photographs - when I am shooting the models - I constantly have music on and it really helps me to work. No question about it. When I'm painting, I find that I am always listening to something: music or National Public Radio. I can understand what Dave is saying because I think that the creative process is the same in almost any discipline - acting, poetry, music, art - you want to go into the zone, so you are going to use anything that will get you into the zone. And I think music definitely does that for me.

Dave Gahan is a musician and vocalist with Depeche Mode.
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2007-04-06 - Newsday (US) - Dave Gahan attending Knicks vs. Timberwolves game

(...) ... Alicia Keys, Lou Reed and Depeche Mode lead singer David Gahan were in attendance.
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2007-04-06 - Meetup (US) - Meetup report

March was a very successful Meetup for us. We were mentioned on as being the group where Ventbox launched its platform. There were also excellent presentations by both GCB Media and PumpOne. At the end of the evening when I left the venue, I met Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode!
We have over 500 registered members, and we're seeing new people register for the group everyday. Bring your friends and show them what our community is all about. We were recently named the fifth largest New Technology group by!
We looking forward to seeing both familiar and new faces in April. Bring your business cards and an appetite as the Mixx Lounge has a full menu of food and drinks to choose from!
If you have any questions please contact me!

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2007-10-11 - Channel 4 Teletext (UK) - Planet Sound

Gustavo Santaolalla has sent some music to Gahan which he "carried with me everywhere" on Depeche Mode's tour.
Gahan told PS: "It's a very interesting offer, it's just a matter of timing.  I write in a very visual, filmic way anyway.  I play characters a lot in my songs, they just tend to all be me."
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2007-xx-xx - t-spheres - Press release (excerpt)

[Dave Gahan's wife Jennifer did a commercial for t-spheres in 2005.]

“Quite simply, I use the t spheres wherever & whenever possible, and that is pretty much anywhere." - Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode
Dave Gahan has a personal infusion “xtreme sport for pain relief” for his 60mm t-spheres SPORT.
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2009-04-23 - Biography about Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan: Depeche Mode & The Second Coming [Paperback]
Trevor Baker

(   ( (

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Independent Music Press; First edition (5 Nov 2009)
Language: English and German
ISBN-10: 1906191115
ISBN-13: 978-1906191115
Product Dimensions: 23 x 15.2 x 2.4 cm

The first and only biography of one of music's most influential and enigmatic characters. Dave Gahan's extraordinary life as the frontman of one of modern music's most successful bands is a tale unrivalled in rock and roll folklore. From a colourful childhood and youth in Essex, Gahan went on to become a huge star all over the world. For years each Depeche Mode album was more successful than the one before but in 1995 the increasing pressures on the band and within Gahan's personal life almost killed him. From this harrowing abyss, Gahan has bounced back and forged a new acclaimed career as a solo artist. Gahan's stunning rehabilitation as a songwriter and rejuvenated frontman means he deserves his own chapter in music history this unauthorised biography includes new and exclusive interviews with numerous people who ve worked with and around Gahan. Aside from recounting his turbulent private battles, this first ever book on Gahan examines his musical legacy and suggests he is arguably Britain's most under-rated and interesting rock vocalist. Recounted for the very first time, Gahan's tale away from his band-mates overshadows even the remarkable story of Depeche Mode the combination of his difficult yet triumphant story plus the thrilling music he has recorded, make this a story like no other in rock and roll history.
About the Author:
Trevor Baker is a freelance journalist based in London. He writes for The Guardian and has written numerous books including the acclaimed 2008 biography for I.M.P: Richard Ashcroft: The Verve, Burning Money & The Human Condition and in 2009 Thom Yorke: Radiohead & Trading Solo.
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2009-06-04 - The Observer (US) - Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan Sells $4 M. Condo, Buys $6 M. Penthouse

By Max Abelson
Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan Sells $4 M. Condo, Buys $6 M. Penthouse

Dave Gahan, the lead singer of the melodramatic synth-pop outfit Depeche Mode, has sold his three-bedroom, 1,920-square-foot loft at 99 Jane Street for $4 million, according to a deed filed Thursday afternoon. The apartment, with a soaking tub and separate shower in the master suite, went to the well-named buyer Atalanti Martinou.
Brown Harris Stevens listing broker Cordelia Robb had no comment.
Mr. Gahan, who underwent surgery last month to remove a low-grade malignant tumor from his bladder, made an upgrade: City records show that he and his wife, Jennifer, closed earlier this year on a $5,956,250 penthouse at Battery Park City’s hilariously eco-friendly condo Riverhouse. The couple and Leonardo DiCaprio will both be getting twice-filtered air and solar-powered energy at their new building.
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2009-07-06 - Spinner (UK) - infected mushroom get perry farrell to sub for dave gahan

Israeli trance/rock duo Infected Mushroom has not only built up a sizable live following (even serving as one of the headliners for the recent Electric Daisy Carnival in L.A. that drew 135,000 fans over two days), they have also apparently established a solid reputation among fellow musicians.
The group's new album, 'Legend of the Black Shawarma,' was executive produced by superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold, and features Korn's Jonathan Davis, Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum and Perry Farrell on the track 'Killing Time.' But Infected Mushroom's Amir Duvdevani tells Spinner 'Killing Time' was originally supposed to feature another guest vocalist. "I had Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode [to] sing that song but he canceled when the Depeche Mode tour started," Duvdevani says.
It was a case of oh-so-close for the Infected guys. "He never did a collaboration, ever," Duvdevani says. "So when he agreed it was weird cause [it was like], 'Wow, he probably really likes the song.' It didn't happen because Depeche Mode was late with the album, but I hope in the future. He's really one of my favorite all-time singers."
Still, having Perry Farrell as a backup is a pretty sweet consolation prize and Duvdevani found the Jane's frontman was flatteringly down with Infected Mushroom. "I went to Perry and he said, 'I really like the song, let's do it,'" Duvdevani recalls. "He knew Infected Mushroom really well and he had our first LPs. It was crazy."
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2009-10-27 - Bowie: A Biography by Marc Spitz:

"Bowie represented a way for me to get out of myself, and also to escape from where I was, Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode recalled. "[My hometown] Basildon was a factory, working-class town. Bowie gave me a hope that there was something else. This world that he seemed to be part of — where was it? I wanted to find it. I just thought he wasn't of this earth. And that was really attractive to me, to live in a different persona."

2010-03-27 - Depeche Mode - Dave Gahan Officially Adopts Son James Nicholas Rogers-Gahan

David marked the joyous occasion of the formal adoption of James Nicholas Rogers-Gahan, the son of his wife of eleven years, Jennifer Sklias-Gahan in New York City on Wednesday March 24th. Jimmy officially joins David's other two children -- daughter Stella Rose Gahan, and son, Jack Gahan.
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2010-05-07 - Dave Gahan auctions his platinum award frames for charity:

Dave has donated a nice collection of his European gold and platinum awards to the non-profit Inter-Care for a series of fundraising auctions. Inter-Care was hand-chosen by Dave to be the recipient of proceeds. Based in New York, they provide comprehensive services for families and individuals affected by alcohol and drug addiction.
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2010-09-xx - How's Your Dad (UK) - Jack Gahan Extracts

[Bought and typed out on the Internet by me.]

How’s Your Dad?: Living in the shadow of a Rock Star parent
By Zoë Street Howe

In chapter: on the road, in the studio, in the blood
Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan would often bring his son Jack, named after Dave’s stepfather, on tour with him. Jack was even featured (as a baby) in the Depeche Mode tour documentary 101, much to fans’ delight.
When I first see Jack strolling up to me in Westbourne Grove in his leather jacket, I find it hard not to be struck by how much he resembles both his mother, Joanne Fox, a former punk scenester, and his father. Jack and Dave are also alike in character, he tells me, sharing the same kind of humour. We have tea in his flat nearby, with King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown echoing away in the background and a whiff of incense in the air. Our original interview was postponed by way of apologetic email telling me that his dad was in LA and wanted to watch the football with him. I found this all the more touching when I later discovered that Dave Gahan wasn’t into football at all, but is now developing a liking for it because he knows Jack is a fan. (This was also shortly after Gahan’s senior operation on a malignant tumour in his bladder, discovered after he fell ill in his dressing room just before going onstage on Depeche Mode’s Tour of the Universe in May 2009.)
Jack Gahan, 22 at the time of our interview, would have been too young to spend time with his dad on the road when Dave was on the throes of his heroin addiction, which finally came to a head in 1996 when the singer had a near-death experience after speedballing. (He recalls a ‘blackness’ and hearing his third and current wife, Jennifer, calling him back. It’s no coincidence she plays an angel for Depeche Mode’s 2006 single ‘Suffer Well’.) But by the time Jack was 13, he’d be allowed to spend his school holidays hanging out with Depeche Mode when most 13-year-olds would be heading to summer camps or stacking shelves in Asda.
Being on tour with his father allowed Jack to see his parent getting on with his job. As a result, he garnered insights from the music industry from the inside and learned to naturally behave respectfully on tour and in the studio.
“I was around when they’d be mixing or recording in London, but as I got older I realised it’s like going to work. You don’t want to be in the way, the last thing I want to do is intrude on anything. That was always quite a clear line, the same goes for being on tour. It’s very much work for my dad, and he sees it very much like anyone would a normal job.”
The work-ethic is strong, the long-standing crew is like a family and Dave Gahan for one is more likely to head back to his hotel room than to sniff out the nearest party. That’s not to say they don’t have fun when Jack and his family join the group on the road. “Playing ‘foozeball’, we do that quite a lot!” says Jack. “And I love the atmosphere building up before the show, chatting with the guys, travelling with my family and being at all these venues in America where there’d be little games machines with mini basketballs and stuff. Being in amazing countries, seeing amazing landscapes.
“I love seeing the shows. I’ve grown up around it, it’s embedded in me, I can listen and watch and appreciate it for different reasons that a fan would. When I was 13 I went out for the Exciter tour, it was all the craze that time to have those little scooters, we (himself, his cousins and stepbrother) all had them and were going round and round the hotel on these things, and at the gig!
Up until the last few years I’d be just with my dad, we’d go and see a movie or something. It’s well past the phase, certainly for my dad, of the whole partying side, it’s just nice to hang out. “

In chapter: drugs
Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan also cheated death [like Jack Bruce] several times. (They don’t call him ‘The Cat’ for nothing.) He suffered a heart attack during the time of his split with his first wife, Jo, but he defied advice and continued touring. Q magazine pronounced the band’s 1993 Devotional tour “The Most Debauched Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour Ever”, in slaveringly congratulatory tone. His well-publicised problem with heroin and alcohol hurtled into further self-destruction when he survived a suicide attempt in 1995; he had slashed his wrists, later confessing it was a cry for help. The following year he overdosed on a speedball – a combination of cocaine and heroin – at the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood. He died for two minutes before being revived.
There’s a clip of Gahan being interviewed by Johnny Vaughan on YouTube in his hotel room during the 1993 tour, Vaughan conducting the interview in typical cocky style, Gahan gracious but out of it. The comments beneath the clip range from amused to shocked to impressed, but the reality is heartbreaking considering it would not be long after this when Gahan would make an attempt on his own life.
There is a tinge of jovial mockery about the interview, but the interviewee is in trouble. When asked his ‘top tips’ for kids wanting to become a rock star, Gahan looks away and mumbles, “Stay away from the drink and drugs”, and becomes briefly lost in a private moment. Then Vaughan cheerily presents him with a gift: Gahan’s camping knife from when he was a child, carved with his name. The singer laughs and immediately pretends to commit hara-kiri. Maybe it’s hindsight that made this clip particularly alarming.
Jack Gahan was very young when his father, at this point living in LA, was at his lowest ebb. (Fortunately Dave now insists his only addictions are dark chocolate and Curb Your Enthusiasm.) Jack is philosophical on the subject of his father’s past. It might have looked as if Dave Gahan was determined to embrace the life of a rock stereotype at seemingly any cost, but for Jack it is enough to know his dad did eventually gain control of his darker side for the sake of his family. Dave told the Washington Post: “I had a wake-up call and it’s enabled me to not be afraid of growing. Facing up to real responsibilities in my life – I’m not talking about the band, I’m talking about my family, my beautiful wife, my children.”
“I wasn’t so much protected from knowing about it because I was just too young to know about it, “ explains Jack. “It was the same sort of time as the marital split, ’92, ’93, ’94. I used to visit Dad like normal, it didn’t change a lot for me, it was more my dad really. It was hard for my mum. I didn’t really know what was going on.
“The worst thing would be to have to keep it a secret. It’s just a part of what makes him who he is now. That was a stage in his life when he was doing something he may not be particularly proud of looking back on, but at the same time it happened, and he’s very open about it. It’s better for me that way too. Hiding things like that… it got to the point where it was so publicised he couldn’t hide it anyway, but it’s 13 or 14 years he’s been sober, he’s still very serious about that. That’s the best way to look at it.”

In chapter: following the footsteps
Jack Gahan remembers his father, Dave's, very considered choices of CDs to pass on to his son in order to educate him in 'good music'. "Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dark Side of the Moon," remembers Jack.

In chapter: “So, how’s your dad?”
[Upon being asked how he feels when strangers ask “How’s you dad?”]
“The “How’s your dad?” thing? I can always tell when someone’s going to do that,” laughs Jack Gahan. “I can almost pre-empt it! But I’m aware that it would be there. Maybe there are expectations from other people, I suppose you could think, ‘Maybe they want to work with me, or hang out because they know who my dad is and the might think that would give them a leg up in some way,’ but I’d hope that I’d be able to tell. The fans are really nice, I like it really.”

Who’s who? And what they do…
Jack Gahan: (Born 1988) Works for LiveNation. Also a guitarist and songwriter. Son of Dave Gahan and his first wife, Joanne Fox.
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2010-10-21 - (UK) - Dave Gahan has an impressive organ

Songs of Faith & Devotion
Dave Gahan has an impressive organ
Dave Gahan, from Depeche Mode, took delivery of a full-sized church pipe organ at his Montauk home this week.
Bet the neighbours are thrilled...
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2010-11-02 - According 2 G (U.S.) - Dave Gahan attends Recoil Show

[N.B. Depeche Mode fans had a sense that Dave Gahan was going to attend, because Alan Wilder had tweeted earlier that Recoil's gig in New York would have a "very special guest", and that he had met an old friend named "Mister G" shortly before the gig. But of course the fans had hoped that Dave would be performing rather than just watching.]

Dave Gahan attends Recoil Show (Featuring DM’s Alan Wilder)
What could be better than having your mind blown by seeing Florence and the Machine in concert for the first time?  I know!  How about rushing to the opposite side of town to see a member of one of your all time favorite bands (Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode) performing live with his musical project Recoil.  As an added (and extra amazing) bonus, Depeche Mode’s lead singer Dave Gahan was in attendance watching the show!  I unfortunately missed seeing the opening acts, but I got to the Highline Ballroom at 10:30 pm just as Recoil hit the stage.  They performed for a little over an hour in a megamix format that featured banging beats and trippy visuals.  Unfortunately, Dave Gahan did not perform with Recoil, but a dark industrial instrumental of Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again” was played during the set.  I met Alan Wilder after the show and he was really cool.  A photo of that encounter is coming soon, so stay tuned.  After the jump, see my secret spy picture of Dave Gahan that I took.

( (
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2011-03-11 - NY Times (U.S.) - Godfathers of Glam

( (

Godfathers of glam who can still rock a skinny suit.

Dave Gahan:
Later this year, Depeche Mode is scheduled to release ‘‘Remixes 2: 81-11,’’ an album comprised of original and new arrangements spanning the band’s entire career.
Roberto Cavalli jacket, $4,615, and pants, $2,285. Go to His own Tom Ford shirt. His own boots and jewelry.
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2011-07-07 - MNN (US) - Wet bandits: Biggest water hogs in the Hamptons revealed

Wet bandits: Biggest water hogs in the Hamptons revealed
In the Hamptons, land of golf course-sized lawns, top water-guzzlers include Depeche Mode crooner Dave Gahan and J. Crew's Mickey Drexler, whose home consumed 18.4 million gallons of water in 2010.


And unless you're familiar with hedge funders and hoteliers, there’s no real big bold face names on the list save for church organ enthusiast and Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan, whose home on South Davis Avenue in Montauk consumed 717,000 gallons of water in 2010. When it comes to H2O, it looks like Gahan truly just can’t get enough.
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2011-08-04 - Interview Magazine (U.S.) - Frida Giannini

[Dave Gahan is INTERVIEWING Frida Giannini.]

Frida Giannini
By Dave Gahan

In addition to fashion, which she creates for a living, and music, which she listens to constantly and collects voraciously in styl- ishly antiquated vinyl form, Frida Giannini is a bit of a gearhead. In fact, she claims to have come up with some of her best ideas in cars. So it’s appropriate that as Giannini attempts to make good use of what’s left of the summer by shuttling between her office in Rome and her beach house in the town of Sabaudia (on the Italian coast) behind the wheel of her Audi Q7 SUV, the Gucci designer would take the opportunity to contemplate the Italian house’s yearlong celebration of its 90th anniversary. That mile marker is punctuated by the recent launch of the 1921 Collection—a line of ready-to-wear clothes and accessories inspired by some of the more iconic materials and moments in Gucci’s history—and a blowout event set to take place next month at the new Gucci museum in the company’s original hometown of Florence, where many items from the run of the house’s vast archives will be made available for public viewing for the first time.
For most of Giannini’s tenure at Gucci—serving as a designer for the last nine years and the house’s creative director for the last five—outrunning the past has been a complicated endeavor, both in terms of the near-mythic aura that surrounds founder Guccio Gucci’s beginnings as a purveyor of leather goods and luggage, whose earnest admiration for luxe handiwork beget an interna- tional empire, and in terms of the more palpable aura that still surrounds the label’s previous creative director, Tom Ford. But Giannini has acquitted herself ably on all fronts, crafting a new chapter in the Gucci story by embracing her own ultra-feminine take on fashion, one that doesn’t so much wrestle with what was, or the iconographic power of those interlocking Gs, as display an unbridled enthusiasm for what is and what might be if we could only find a way to chill out and live in the now.
Depeche Mode front man Dave Gahan recently connected with the 38-year-old Giannini, who was in Florence for work, to discuss Gucci’s big nine-oh and why it’s important to at least peek in the rearview before racing off into the future.

DAVE GAHAN: Congratulations on the anniversary.
FRIDA GIANNINI: Thank you very much.

GAHAN: I’m sure it’s an amazing thing to be part of something that’s lasted so long. I sort of know how that feels, having been in a band that’s been around . . . not quite as long as Gucci, but, you know, we’ve been together for 31 years now, and when you look back on that, it’s quite an achievement. There’s a lot of his- tory. Your more recent collections reference the history of Gucci maybe a bit more than your collections did when you first started. When you first went into the Gucci archives, what did you find?
GIANNINI: Well, when I joined Gucci in 2002, I immediately wanted to make a research trip into the archives because I’d heard about how incredible they were, but I never had the opportunity to visit them. But, I tell you, I was shocked when I got into them, because the Gucci archives are full of all these incredible objects and items from about the ’40s through the ’60s and ’70s. There are these incredible handbags and pieces of home furniture or objects for lifestyle, like tennis or golf. They did many designs for cars and seats in the ’70s, and there are all these original draw- ings of prints and flowers, which are also tremendously inspiring for me because I can pick some older design or object and rework it—bring it to new life. In designing for Gucci, I always love to make some sort of stylistic marriage between past, present, and future, because this brand has a huge history. There’s 90 years of tradition and ideas about excellence and expertise in luxury goods and craftsmanship that have been handed down over generations. We still have some suppliers working with us today who are the sons and daughters of the old suppliers who used to work for the original Gucci family at the beginning of the last century. So it’s nice to always create this balance between what has been done in the past and what you want to do in the future.

GAHAN: I like to do the same thing with music. It’s important for me to know where music evolved from and bring it to the future. I actually wanted to ask you, is it correct that you have a room in your house where you have over 7,000 vinyl records?
GIANNINI: I have 8,000 now, but yes. [laughs]

GAHAN: I understand it’s one of your favorite rooms.
GIANNINI: Yes, it is. The reason I have all these vinyl records is that my uncle was a DJ who was quite popular in Italy in the ’80s. Unfortunately he was in a car accident and passed away at the end of the ’80s. But he was basically like my big brother because there wasn’t much difference in age between me and him. So I inher- ited this collection of vinyl records, which at that time numbered 6,000, and I’ve since continued to collect music. As you know, vinyl records can be very heavy, so every time I have to move into a new house, I need to build a complete new wall of shelves to put all these records, which is a nightmare for the architect. But I have to say, I’m so proud because it’s really special for me to have this collection. I have many memories of the music of my uncle, and also because there are so many beautiful covers. I love the covers of vinyl records.

GAHAN: How did you first get interested in fashion? Was it through music? Or was it something that you were interested in independently?
GIANNINI: Well, I always loved the look of musicians. I’ve always admired them because they have a look—when I was growing up, it seemed that the ones I liked didn’t need to have a stylist. Now there is this trend where everyone has a stylist, or follows the suggestions of a stylist, from designers on down. But I have some memories of looking at David Bowie in the ’70s, and he had this look that was so authentic and original, which I think is more genuine in a way for a musician, and also very intriguing from the designer’s point of view. I grew up in Rome, in actually what I would say was a liberal, open-minded family. My father was an architect and my mother was a teacher of art history, so it was sort of intellectual, and maybe a bit much for me when I was a child. But it was quite interesting when I was growing up. I have to say that my passion for designing and draw- ing was immediate—I drew all the time when I was 4, 5 years old. My grandmother also had a boutique in Rome. Now she’s almost 90 years old, and she just closed her boutique 10 years ago. But I have many memories of playing with the mannequins and bits of fabric and clothes in the shop window and in the shop upstairs from my grandmother’s. So I don’t know . . . Maybe I was in love with fashion, with clothes, since I was a child. But when I was a teenager, it was music. I listened to a lot of music. I loved Depeche Mode. [laughs] I remember when I was 15 years old I was trying to imitate Madonna and look like she did in “Like a Virgin” with the lace gloves, leggings, and everything like that. I dyed my hair and all these kinds of things. So fashion was about a kind of expression for me.

GAHAN: That’s interesting, because those two things—music and fashion—sort of went together for me as well. After high school I went to art college, but I became much more interested in the way that fashion and music combined, because when I was a teenager, punk music had arrived in England with the Sex Pis- tols and The Clash and The Damned, and the whole style of being individual and dressing differently, which appealed to me. Like you, I also grew up with David Bowie and T. Rex and these bands that were much larger than life. I would watch them per- form on TV as a teenager, and I wasn’t very good at a lot of things, but I felt like I could do what those guys did.
GIANNINI: That influence, and the connection between music and fashion in the U.K., was strong at that time, right?

GAHAN: Yeah, it was really a powerful thing. For a short time I actually studied fashion—for about a year—and some of my friends were going on to Central Saint Martins [College of Art & Design] in London, so I thought I might take that route. But Depeche Mode was beginning, and we had created a little follow- ing, so I decided to go that route.
GIANNINI: Well, at a certain point, I made the decision to study fashion. I remember having a great discussion with my parents because they wanted me to go to a more conservative university and to study something safer, but I insisted and pushed to study fashion, and so I started at the [Fashion] Academy in Rome when I was 19 years old, and afterwards I went to work for some more ready-to-wear houses in Rome before I moved to Fendi, and eventually came to Gucci as the head designer of handbags. And my career at Gucci started at that time...

GAHAN: What inspires me is usually very visual— and it sounds like inspiration works like that for you, too. Where do you get inspiration from these days?
GIANNINI: Well, you know, inspiration for a designer can come from many different sides and directions, because you can be inspired by a place after a trip, or by an exhibition of art, or from music, as we were mentioning before, or from movies, from films. You can also be influenced by an age, like the ’60s or ’70s. This year, for example, I feel more ’90s, or I want to see something more futuristic. So there’s not a specific rule I would say, because every six months I need to think of something new. It really depends on your mood or your personal life sometimes . . . I can tell you that sometimes I live a very good moment and I’m very joy- ful and optimistic, so I can see more bright colors in my collection. [laughs] Other times I feel so depressed and so sad and I see a lot of darkness. So it really depends. Of course, there are certain rules you have to operate by in terms of markets, and for summer and for winter. But at the end of the day, you are a person and you put a lot of yourself into the clothes. You know, I can never decide what I am going to wear on the day of the show. It depends a lot on which mood I wake up in that day, so I never know. You just never know. I think this is interest- ing for this job, no?

GAHAN: Yeah. [both laugh] So I’d imagine you’re working a lot.
GIANNINI: Yeah, a lot.

GAHAN: What do you like to do when you’re not working?
GIANNINI: Well, I grew up in fashion. I’m still growing in fashion. But I love to do other things as well. I love architecture and design. I love to read books, especially on furniture, décor, and design. Of course, I still love music and going to con- certs. I also love horse riding, which is a big passion. I used to do horse riding in a competitive way until I was 18 years old and I started to work and it got too complicated for me, so now I go just for the weekend or in summertime when I have more time, because I need a lot of training for horse riding. You need to have good legs and good shoulders. I love cooking. I have big kitchens in my house in Rome and my other one on the beach because I love to spend a lot of time cutting vegetables, cooking fish, and all these kinds of things. I love to have a lot of friends in my house and to prepare dinner for them. And I love movies, even though I’m not a fan of the cinema. I don’t like to go to the cinema because I feel very claustrophobic, so I prefer to watch a DVD at my house with a home theater. But that’s about it. [laughs] I would say that is more or less what I’m doing when I’m not working.

GAHAN: I know you love cars, and that you came up with the name for the Guilty fragrance while driving.

GAHAN: What kind of car do you drive?
GIANNINI: Actually, at this moment, I have the Q7SUV from Audi.

GAHAN: Well, that’s very interesting, because I’m driving the Audi R8, the V10.
GIANNINI: Oh, really? Well, you know, for me it’s very helpful because I have a big dog. He’s a Ger- man shepherd, and sometimes when I have to move to my house on the beach I need to take a lot of stuff with me, as well as my friends and my dog. So I need to have big space in my car for all of that.

GAHAN: We have a big car too, because of the kids and the dogs and stuff. But then it’s also my personal car—my toy.
GIANNINI: I am the same. I think it’s more comfortable for me to drive a big car, because I feel safer than in a smaller one. Plus, it’s cooler.
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2012-05-07/11 - Sirius XM (US) - First Wave

Richard Blade's interview with Dave Gahan is aired during this week, in parts each day.
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2012-05-09 - MDR (Germany) - Ein Leben für den Pop Dave Gahan wird 50

[Click the link to listen to a small summary about Dave.]

Ein Leben für den Pop: Dave Gahan wird 50
Dave Gahan - großartiger Frontmann der britischen Band Depeche Mode. Er hat Musik- und Modegeschmack einer ganzen Generation geprägt. Nun kommt auch er in die Jahre.
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2012-05-09 - N-TV (Germany) - Der weite Weg des David Gahan

Die Stimme von Depeche Mode
Der weite Weg des David Gahan
von Axel Witte

Aufpeitscher, Drogensüchtiger, Ehemann, Grübler, Kleinkrimineller, Künstler, Leidender, Massenbeschwörer, Messias, Musiker, Popper, Prediger, Punk, Rampensau, Sänger, Songwriter, Suchender, Trauriger, Toter, Vater und Verzauberer - das alles ist oder war David Gahan. Heute wird der Frontmann von Depeche Mode 50 Jahre alt.
Gut sieht er aus. Lediglich ein paar angegraute Bartstoppeln lassen erahnen, dass der Mann mit der jugendlichen Ausstrahlung bereits fünf Jahrzehnte auf dem Buckel hat. Dies ist umso bemerkenswerter, da David Gahan seit gut 30 Jahren einer der erfolgreichsten Bands der Gegenwart nicht nur seine Stimme leiht. Mit Depeche Mode füllt er Fußballstadien und Arenen auf der ganzen Welt. Er überlebt die Exzesse seines Rockstar-Daseins und mörderische Selbstzweifel und scheint sich nun trotz anhaltenden Ruhms selbst überwunden zu haben.
Geboren in Epping, Essex wächst David Gahan in der englischen Provinz knapp 40 Kilometer nordöstlich von London auf, zu jener Zeit ein raues Pflaster. So verwundert es nicht, dass Gahan, der in schwierigen Verhältnissen ohne leiblichen Vater durchkommen muss, auf die schiefe Bahn gerät. Mit 13 ist er Punk, besprüht Hauswände und klaut Automotoren, was ihm einen kurzfristigen Aufenthalt in einem Jugendgefängnis einbringt. Dennoch schafft er einen Schulabschluss und absolviert im Anschluss erfolgreich eine Ausbildung zum Designer an einem Kunst-College.
In den späten 70ern lernt Gahan seine späteren Bandkollegen Vince Clarke, Martin Gore und Andrew Fletcher kennen. Diese versuchen sich bereits als Musiker, Gahan darf neben Roadie-Tätigkeiten auch die Regler des Mischpults bedienen. Aufgrund seiner guten Stimme und da er der Bestaussehende der vier ist, wird er kurze Zeit später als Sänger engagiert. Gahan bringt den Bandnamen Depeche Mode ein, in Anlehnung an ein französisches Modemagazin gleichen Namens.
Die Gruppe startet als eher harmlose Synthie-Popper-Band, die aber schnell, getragen von der in Großbritannien grassierenden New-Romantic-Welle, erste Erfolge feiern kann. Gahan erweist sich auch in Hinblick auf die Vermarktung der Gruppe als gute Wahl - so sorgt er mit seinem bubihaften Aussehen dafür, dass die Poster der Gruppe an den Wänden britischer Teenagerzimmer landen.
Nach dem ersten Album verlässt der kreative Kopf und Songschreiber Clarke die Band. Aber es ist nicht David Gahan, der von nun an in dessen Fußstapfen tritt. Martin Gore übernimmt das Songschreiben und sorgt mit seinen teils melancholischen, teils obsessiven Texten und Kompositionen für den bis heute stilprägenden Elektropop der Band. Mit Alan Wilder gewinnt die Gruppe ein neues, viertes Mitglied. David Gahan kann sich mehr und mehr bei den mittlerweile großen Konzerttourneen als guter Sänger, Entertainer und begnadete Rampensau beweisen. Bereits Mitte der achtziger Jahre gleichen die Konzerte von Depeche Mode riesigen Messen, dessen Taktgeber und Fixpunkt Gahan ist. Mit jedem Album wächst der Erfolg der Band und Depeche Mode schafft es, auch akustische Instrumente in ihre Musik erfolgreich zu integrieren. Es ist vor allem Gahan, der mit seinem rauen, sehnsüchtigen Bariton und seinen Entertainerqualitäten für die Heerscharen von Fans das Objekt der Begierde ist.
Er beginnt unter dem Ruhm zu leiden. Mittlerweile ist er verheiratet und Vater. Seine Selbstzweifel wachsen im selben Maß, wie die Mystifizierung seiner Person zunimmt. Anfang der 90er Jahre dienen ihm Alkohol und Drogen mehr und mehr als Stimmungsaufheller. Seine Ehe zerbricht, die Haare werden länger und die Anzahl seiner Tätowierungen wächst rasant. Gahan, der mittlerweile in Los Angeles lebt und Rockstars wie Nirvana verehrt, verliert sich vollends. Schmerz, Leere und Traurigkeit gewinnen überhand. Eine zweite Ehe zerbricht. Gahan betäubt seine Empfindungen weiter. Eine Heroin- und Kokainabhängigkeit ist die Konsequenz. Mitte der 90er Jahre unternimmt er einen Suizid-Versuch. Ein kurzer Aufenthalt in einer Entzugsklinik folgt. Ein knappes Jahr später sorgt ein Cocktail aus Heroin und Kokain dafür, dass Gahan für zwei Minuten klinisch tot ist. Sanitäter können ihn wiederbeleben. Auf gerichtliche Anordnung wird er für neun Monate in eine Entzugsklinik eingewiesen. Erfolgreich. Gahan ist clean. Währenddessen erlebt die Band eine existenzielle Krise. Spannungen, Stress und Gahans Drogenabhängigkeit fordern ihren Tribut - Wilder verlässt die Band.
Neustart mit klarem Kopf
Depeche Mode macht als Trio weiter. David Gahan kämpft, stellt sich seinen Dämonen, steht mit klarem Kopf auf der Bühne und schafft es, seine Rockstar-Identität von seinem wirklichen Ich zu trennen.
Mit zunehmendem Selbstbewusstsein wächst der Wunsch in ihm, auch eigene Songs zu schreiben. Gahan möchte sich nicht länger auf eine Art Popstar-Darsteller reduzieren. Zunächst finden seine Stücke keinen Platz auf Depeche Mode Alben. Als Konsequenz daraus veröffentlicht er 2003 mit "Paper Monsters" ein erstes Soloalbum. 2007 erscheint mit "Hourglass" ein Nachfolger. Der Erfolg bestärkt ihn und verändert auch die Strukturen innerhalb der Gruppe. Schließlich schaffen es seine Songs auch auf Depeche-Mode-Produktionen. 2009 wird bei Gahan ein bösartiger Blasentumor diagnostiziert, der erfolgreich entfernt werden kann. Wenige Wochen später ist er wieder auf Tournee.
Auf der Bühne ist und bleibt David Gahan ein Phänomen. Hier verwandelt sich der eher schmächtige, fast schüchtern wirkende Brite in einen Rockstar allererster Güte, wird zur perfekten Inszenierung. Mit zumeist freiem Oberkörper, sehnig-durchtrainiert, tätowiert, energiegeladen, die Augen dunkel geschminkt, hat er sein Publikum vom ersten Moment an fest im Griff. Mit zugleich eleganter und animalischer Ausstrahlung, katzenhaft-tänzerischen Bewegungen, aufpeitschenden Zurufen, seiner fesselnden Stimme und messianischen Gesten wird er zum Dompteur von gewaltigen Menschenmassen.
Trotz aller Erfolge und überwundenen Depressionen und Drogensüchten ist David Gahan ein nachdenklicher, ein suchender Mensch geblieben - frei nach dem US-amerikanischen Philosophen George Steiner, ein trauriger Mensch. Denn das Nachdenken trennt ihn von den anderen, aber nur durch Nachdenken erkennt er, dass er nicht alleine auf der Welt ist. Ein Dilemma.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, David Gahan und alles Gute.
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2012-05-09 - Eins Live (Germany) - Dave Gahan wird 50 (with audio interview footage)

Title: Re: Dave Gahan: Miscellaneous
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2012-05-09 - HR1 Online (Germany) - Dave Gahan feiert Geburtstag

[Click the link to listen to this as an audio summary.]

Das Gesicht von Depeche Mode
Dave Gahan feiert Geburtstag

Untrennbar ist das Image von Depeche Mode mit dem Charisma ihres Sängers Dave Gahan verbunden. Die Synthie-Pop-Band gilt als eine der erfolgreichsten der Welt. Am 9. Mai wird Sänger und Frontmann Dave Gahan 50 Jahre alt. 
Seit 30 Jahren halten Depeche Mode einen Spitzenplatz im Popgeschehen. Das hätte Mitte der 90er kaum einer geglaubt, denn Dave Gahan steckte damals in einer Krise. Aber nach einem Selbstmordversuch und einer Überdosis rappelte er sich wieder auf, und Depeche Mode machten weiter. Seit 2000 ist die Band erfolgreich wie eh und je. Die letzten neun Alben haben Depeche Mode hierzulande alle vergoldet. Die letzten fünf erreichten sogar alle Platz 1 der deutschen Charts, und die Tourneen sind regelmäßig ausverkauft.
Ganz oben auf der Welle des Synthie-Pop
Aus dem beschaulichen Basildon in der englischen Grafschaft Essex bricht im Jahre 1981 eine blutjunge Band auf, da ahnt noch kein Mensch, dass sie mal buchstäblich die Welt erobern sollen. Heute füllen Depeche Mode die größten Arenen dieser Erde, sie können sich aussuchen, welche Mega-Festivals sie mit ihrer Anwesenheit beehren. Depeche Mode sind längst angekommen in der Liga der großen Stadionrocker. Dabei haben sie mal angefangen als Anti-Rockband.
Als Dave Gahan 1980 zur Band stößt, schafft die erstmal sämtliche Rockinstrumente ab und ersetzt sie durch Synthesizer. Die Welle des Synthie-Pop verträgt sich anfangs gar nicht mit den großen Machogesten der Rockbands ihrer Tage. Depeche Mode grenzen sich also bewusst ab und haben auf diese Weise vom ersten Tag an ein Image mit scharfen Konturen.
In hr1 gratulieren wir dem Sänger dieser außergewöhnlichen Band zu seinem 50. Geburtstag: Happy Birthday, Dave Gahan!

Audio: "Durch ihn bekommt der elektronische Sound ein menschliches Element" - 2:28 Min
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2012-05-09 - Polskie Radio (Poland) - Dave Gahan z Depeche Mode kończy 50 lat

[Click the link to listen to a short radio report.],Wokalista-Depeche-Mode-David-Gahan-konczy-50-lat

Wokalista Depeche Mode David Gahan kończy 50 lat

Brytyjski muzyk przyszedł na świat 9 maja 1962 roku. Składamy najlepsze życzenia i przypominamy legendarny zespół.
W trakcie koncertów David Gaham daje niezwykły popis umiejętności wokalnych, jak również tanecznych. Potrafi się poruszać z niezwykłą zmysłowością, która nie znajduje godnych naśladowców. - Muzycy zawsze grają na 100 procent i nie odpuszczają. Nawet jeśli mają długie tournee i grają drugi koncert z rzędu – ocenia dokonania zespołu dziennikarz muzyczny radiowej Trójki Piotr Stelmach.
W 1995 roku David Gahan próbował popełnić samobójstwo, podcinając sobie żyły w nadgarstkach. Kilka miesięcy później, w maju 1996 roku przedawkował narkotyki podczas pobytu w hotelu w Los Angeles. Został przewieziony do szpitala, gdzie stwierdzono zatrzymanie akcji serca i podjęto skuteczną reanimację.
Podczas tournée z zespołem Depeche Mode promującego płytę "Sounds of the Universe" w maju 2009 roku, na chwilę przed rozpoczęciem koncertu w Atenach, Dave poczuł się źle i został przewieziony do szpitala. Badania wykazały guz nowotworowy pęcherza moczowego, który został operacyjnie usunięty kilka dni później. Z powodu choroby Gahana odwołano jednak kilka koncertów na tej trasie, w tym także koncert, który miał odbyć się na stadionie warszawskiej Gwardii.
Depeche Mode to brytyjska grupa muzyczna z kręgu elektronicznego popu. Powstała w 1980 roku w Basildon w Wielkiej Brytanii. Nazwa nawiązuje do francuskiego magazynu mody. W skład grupy wchodzą obecnie David Gahan, Andrew Fletcher i Martin Lee Gore.
Grupa ma wielu fanów na całym świecie, jak również w Polsce, gdzie tworzą oni dość charakterystyczną subkulturę. Nazywani są depeszowcami lub depeszami. Fani grupy spotykają się na organizowanych przez siebie zlotach oraz depotekach. Organizują się także w fanklubach.
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2012-05-09 - Rozhlas (Czech Republic) - David Gahan narození

[Click the link to listen to an audio report about Dave Gahan.]

David Gahan: narození
9. května roku 1962 se narodil hlavní zpěvák anglické elektronické skupiny Depeche Mode David Gahan.
Hudební střípky pro Vás vysíláme každý všední den v 11:45. Nalaďte si Český rozhlas Sever!
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2012-05-09 - Studio Brussel (Belgium) - Dave Gahan mag vandaag 50 kaarsjes uitblazen

[Click the link to listen to a DM fan talking about Depeche Mode and Dave Gahan.]
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2012-05-09 - Radio 1 (Belgium) - Daan over Dave Gahan en Depeche Mode

[Click the link to listen to a fan talking about Depeche Mode.]

Dave Gahan wordt 50 jaar
Met Depeche Mode groeide hij uit tot wereldster
Dave Gahan, de zanger van Depeche Mode, wordt vandaag 50. Dat mag een wonder heten, want het heeft enkele keren weinig gescheeld.
Een zware heroïneverslaving, een zelfmoordpoging. Maar hij is er bovenop gekomen.
Meer nog: de band blijft, 32 jaar na het debuut, nog altijd relevant.
Depeche Mode is één van de weinige groepen of artiesten die tijdens een zo lange carrière altijd boeiend zijn gebleven.
Daan Stuyven is al sinds het prille debuut van Depeche Mode mee, en vertelt over zijn verslaving aan hun muziek.
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2012-07-05 - Absolute Radio (UK) - 50 Years of the Rolling Stones: Documentary

[I recorded this documentary, but there was only one quote from Dave to be heard in this documentary, and it was not really informative, just him saying that he likes the Rolling Stones.]

50 Years of the Rolling Stones: Documentary
The Smiths' Johnny Marr, The Charlatans' Tim Burgess, Frank Black of the Pixies, Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan and many more discuss their influence. This hour-long documentary, narrated by Pete Mitchell, also includes contributions from the Stones themselves - Mick, Keith, Charlie and our own Ronnie Wood on Absolute Radio 60s.
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2012-10-xx - Interview Magazine (Russia) - Dave Gahan and Frida Giannini

[Thanks to missdg (;u=603) for this scan! This is the Russian edition of the interview between Dave Gahan and Frida Giannini that appeared in the American edition in August last year.]

( ( (
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2012-11-04 - Volkswagen Golf Commercial with Dave Gahan:

[Scored by a couple of cover versions and the original version of “People Are People”, Dave Gahan is to be seen in a new commercial for the Volkswagen Golf. Volkswagen had already tied him and other celebrities like Paul van Dyk, Tony Hawk and Jamie Oliver to their site, where people can create their own page regarding the car and personalise it (Dave’s page was launched exactly a month ago here: You can watch the standard length commercial here on YouTube:]


longer version:


A film about the most important things in my life.
Watch my personal ONE FILM.

If you could only choose ONE PLACE to live for the rest of your life, where would it be?
New York City

If you could only listen to ONE SONG for the rest of your life, what would it be?
John Lennon – Imagine

If you could only eat ONE FOOD for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If you could only kiss ONE PERSON for the rest of your life, who would it be?

If you could only support ONE TEAM for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
The Knicks

If you could only watch ONE MOVIE for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Big Lebowski

If you could only look at ONE PIECE OF ART for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A Marilyn Minter Piece

Press Release
“People are People”: Volkswagen starts third phase of the Golf campaign
New TV commercial with Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode
Print motifs and multimedia apps supplement campaign

Volkswagen starts the third phase of the Golf campaign in Germany today under the motto: “Only someone who understands people can build ‘Das Auto.’” The highlight of this phase of the campaign is a TV commercial featuring Depeche Mode front man Dave Gahan in good time for the sales launch of the new Golf.
In what is known as the “proof phase” of the Golf campaign, Volkswagen is linking surprising facts about people with the special characteristics of the Golf, thereby positioning the Golf and its features in a communicative context as the response to human idiosyncrasies like making detours (answer: Navigation and infotainment system) or overlooking traffic signs (answer: Traffic sign recognition).
In the TV commercial, various protagonists and cover versions of the Depeche Mode song “People are People” underscore the classless quality of the Golf which can satisfy all needs. Filming the Golf commercial was the first time Dave Gahan had ever stood in front of a camera for an advertising film.
The eleven print motifs of the proof phase were photographed by the Hamburg-based photographer Emir Haveric. He has already completed several commissions for Volkswagen (Tiguan, Passat CC) and has a reputation among his peers as one of the best car photographers.
The iPad app and the web special include a virtual 360-degree drive experience as well as interviews with engineers and designers involved in the creation of the Golf, plus exciting insights into the development process.
Facts about the TV commercial:
Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Camera: Glynn Speeckaert
Production company: @Radical Media, Berlin
Producers: Christiane Dressler, Caro Kousidonis, Ruken Baran
Music production: Massive Music Amsterdam, Cris Kos
Music publishing company: EMI Music Publishing
Post-production: SLGH, Hamburg
Cutting: Nils Landmark, Elena Bromund, Daniel Bier
Shooting period in Barcelona: September 4 – 8, 2012
Shooting period in Madrid: September 9 – 12, 2012
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2012-12-04 - myvolkswagen (Germany) - Der Golf. Das Auto. Das Making-Of zum TV Spot "People Are People"


Der Golf. Das Auto. Das Making-Of zum TV Spot "People Are People"

Nur wer die Menschen kennt, kann den neuen Golf Spot drehen. Das demonstriert das Making-Of zum TV-Spot „People Are People" anhand verschiedenster Eindrücke und interessanter Szenen rund um den 5 tägigen Dreh in Barcelona und Madrid. Unter der Regie von Sebastian Strasser entstand in Spanien der aufwendig produzierte Spot zur Markteinführung des neuen Golf.
Weltpremiere: Für den neuen Golf Spot konnte Volkswagen die Depeche-Mode Legende
Dave Gahan gewinnen. Der Weltstar stand erstmals überhaupt für einen
Werbespot vor der Kamera.
You need to know people to shoot the new Golf commercial. This making of, covers the production of the new TV commercial „People Are People" and provides insights into interesting behind the scenes footage of the 5 days shoot in Barcelona and Madrid. The uplifting, fun commercial for the market launch of the new Volkswagen Golf is driven by the typical Volkswagen „twinkle-in-the-eye" storytelling. It was directed by Sebastian Strasser through Radical Media Berlin.
World premiere: The new Volkswagen Golf tvc features Depeche Mode Legend Dave Gahan, who had never appeared in a tv-commercial before.
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2012-12-18 - Musicradar (UK) - Kris Menace interview

Kris Menace talks about his new album, Features
Chris Barker (Future Music)


How did you decide on the collaborations?
"I do tend to keep names of vocalists I like somewhere in the back of my mind. One day I just went through my contacts list and wrote to everybody. Luckily there were no real rejections, although some of the collaborations didn't make it on to the album in the end."

Was there anyone you really wanted to work with that couldn't happen for whatever reason?
"I really wanted to work with Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode, and we were really close to making it happen but at the last minute we just couldn't co-ordinate our schedules. Other than that I collaborated with a few other artists, but when it came to the point where I had to put together the final album these tracks didn't fit. It was horrible, I had to make some tough decisions and cut some tracks. Of course, to me these tracks are my babies and I love them all, so there were a lot of long conversations…"

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2012-12-20 - DMC World (UK) - Zoo Brazil Interview

Question:Talk us through some of the other tracks on the album, we understand 'Two' was a bugger to finish and we've been hearing 'The Message' which features Roland Clark on vocals out on the dancefloor…
The track 'Glass': First I sent a rough demo to the manager of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. He told me he loved it but Dave was busy with new recordings so it never happened, then I thought about Philip whose voice I just love. I didn't know him personally at the time, but got hold of his email, he loved the demo so we started to work and have become good friends and ended up doing 5 songs on the album. We've already started on a lot of new material. Need to send the finished version to Dave's manager now, thanks for the reminder! I think the song has some kind of blues feel to it and lots of synth layers, Gibson guitars and drum machines..."
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2013-02-08 - Hollywood Reporter (US) - Sunset Marquis: Secrets of Rock 'n' Roll's Wild Hotel

Sunset Marquis: Secrets of Rock 'n' Roll's Wild Hotel


Conroy: When Dave [Gahan, Depeche Mode’s singer] and I were staying there as a married couple, our bungalow had an adjoining wall with Whitney Houston. And she was rehearsing in her room so loud and for so long that it was driving David crazy. He was like, “Shut it down!” So you’d have these battles of the guy from Depeche Mode trying to shut down Whitney Houston.


Conroy: When you stay at the bungalows, you park your car kind of in tandem with your neighbors sometimes. And Dave and I were smoking way too much weed, and he got paranoid when Gene Hackman was parking his car at the same time. Dave thought he was stalking him.


2013-02-23 - April Johnson on Twitter/Instagram:

[April Johnson, who designed Dave's stage outfit for TOTU, has uploaded some photos of Dave's new stage outfit in the last couple of days.]
Dave at ALASDAIR fitting for the upcoming DM tour @alasdairny
( (
Last minute touches for #davegahan suits for #depechemood #tour by apriljstyle for alasdairny
( (
One of #davegahan shirts for he's #depechemode tour by apriljstyle alasdairny #alasdairny
( (
Alasdair for Dave Gahan #depechemode #alasdairny #rockstarclothes
( (
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2013-05-31 - MusiCares Foundation Ceremony - Dave Gahan to send his regards to Chester  Bennington

[This instagram account is from one of Chester's colleagues, Ryan Shuck. Chester Bennington got awarded that day for helping out MusiCares:]

Ryan Shuck:
So. Fucking. Jealous. :)

( (
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2013-07-18 - Legacy Of Hope Foundation fundraiser in New York - VIP Depeche Mode tickets from Dave Gahan

[It seems that Dave Gahan submitted VIP tickets for the Delta Machine Tour to this fundraiser to help them raise money.]

( (

Christine Natanael:
VIP Depeche Mode tickets from Dave Gahan

Info on this event:

'Legacy Of Hope Foundation' Hosts Nelson Mandela's Official North American Birthday In NYC   
95th Birthday Celebration Launches Global Campaign to Preserve Mandela History, Crowd-Source Support to Build His Living Legacy in South Africa

The Legacy of Hope Foundation - a group of trusted nonprofits supporting Nelson Mandela's legacy – today launched a global campaign to realize his dream of bringing free and accessible healthcare to South Africa's children through the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital, expected to break ground in 2013.
The Foundation - comprised of The Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Trust, Operation of Hope Worldwide, and FM World Charities -- will make the announcement at Mr. Mandela's only official North America birthday celebration Thursday evening, hosting dignitaries, advocates and celebrity supporters at New York City's Gotham Hall at the private event.

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2013-10-02 - exhibitiona (US) - Collectors Q & A: Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan is the lead vocalist and one of the writers of the band Depeche Mode. He maintains a successful career as a solo artist.

How did you first get interested in contemporary art?
I’ve always liked modern art and learned a lot about it in art college.

Do you collect a certain type of art or certain artists?
I collect and buy what I like. For example, 15 years ago, I bought a Marilyn Minter piece because I really liked what she was doing. Since then, she’s become very well known.

Any upcoming projects you’d like us to share?
Currently on a world tour with Depeche Mode.

What upcoming exhibition are you most excited to see?
Unfortunately, I’ve been traveling for the past few months on tour, so I’ve missed out on a lot of things. I would have liked to catch the James Turrell and want to see the Hieronymus Bosch exhibit at some point.

An art book everyone should check out?
Inwards and Onwards by Anton Corbijn.

Artist quote or words to live by?
If your lips are moving, you must be lying.
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2015-12-18 - BBC 6 Radio (UK) - Noel Gallagher interview

[Noel Gallagher talks about his story with Dave Gahan in 1995. Excerpt starts right around the 2-hour mark. Typed out by me.]

Steve Lamacq: Ever been properly tempted by the harmonica?
Noel Gallagher: I think Oasis might have had it on a couple of tracks, and I have written a couple of tunes which required some kind of harmonica. But it's a weird thing: I remember once when we did an after... Oasis played the Hollywood Bowl or something in the '90s, and Dave Gahan turned up, and we had promised our really good friend at the time, Johnny Depp, that we would see with whom we'd do the Viper Room, and Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode had turned up, and said "Can I get up on stage with you?" And we were, like "Pfff ehhh", so I'm going off guitars, mate, as he pulled out from his powder blue blazer a harmonica. And we were like, "Ohhh", "Ohhhhhh, I don't know what we're gonna do about this." I kinda left him. I said to Liam, "You're gonna wriggle out of this one, I can't."
Steve Lamacq: Not taking the responsibility.
Noel Gallagher: Yeah, but we had a great night out with him, actually. There was the story that he'd overdosed, and it was a thing that went on for[ever] like, "He's dead", and then "He wasn't dead". And me and Liam were in a taxi in LA which is as rare as chocolate rocking horse, a taxi. We were going back to his house, and the taxi driver's saying, "Hey! You three guys look like you're in a band! Bla bla bla!" So we said, "Yeah, we're in Oasis". "Oh!" And he went "I'm in Depeche Mode", and the driver just says, "Didn't your singer just die?!" Dave Gahan said, "No, I'M the singer!" And there was this brilliant, 5-minute, kind of back-and-forward of Dave Gahan having to prove that he was still living, while me and our kid were nutting each other, losing our heads [laughing silently].
Steve Lamacq: If only Dave Gahan had been wearing the full white suit. It could have been "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)"!
Noel Gallagher: No, if only we have had the iPhone and had been filming it in the back of the van, because he was going, "No, look mate, I am HIM! I am ALIVE! Am I not, lads?" And we were going, "Well, I don't know, I mean we have been out all night, I'm not sure whether [you're alive], let's check your pulse." And the guy was going, "No, I think I've seen it on the news", he was like "Your singer died, right?"
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2016-01-11 - Dave Gahan on Facebook:

[This was on the day that David Bowie died, accompanied by a photo of Dave Gahan and David Bowie from 2002.]

Dave Gahan:
Thank you for all the inspiration you gave me. Deepest sympathies to family & friends.
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2016-01-26 - Mojo #268 (UK) - Dave Gahan on David Bowie

[Taken from a website where illegally uploaded PDFs of new magazines can be found.]

( (

Depeche Mode man.
Servant to the Master.
“Where I came from, you were pretty much told, ‘You’re not going anywhere in life.’ Seeing Ziggy on Top Of The Pops, I found that I could escape. Later, Low, Station To Station and “Heroes” really carried me through. I said to myself, I’d follow that voice anywhere, even when its takes me down. He enabled myself and Martin [Gore] and people like us to understand that we weren’t alone.
Our daughters went to the same school [in New York] so sometimes I’d see him dropping his daughter off in the morning.
When he did a performance of Low at Roseland in 2002, I was lucky enough to be invited. He was just the nicest guy: he shook my hand and said ‘I know you!’
I had been made aware, to be honest, that David wasn’t doing so well. I saw him last year and now I wish I’d gone up to him, just to say thank you again for how much he’d given me.
★ is his strongest album in many years – like Low, it takes you somewhere. Fusing jazz ideas with modern technology is consistent with what he’s always done. He always took the risk. I’m never gonna stop playing his records.”
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2016-05-20 - The Damned: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead on BluRay/DVD:


For the past several years, director Wes Orshoski (who also acted as the film's producer, writer, cinematographer and editor) has been working on a warts'n'all, band-authorized documentary about The Damned (...).


The film draws on archival footage and interviews with all four original Damned members as well as commentary from the likes of Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Mick Jones (The Clash), Steve Diggle (Buzzcocks), Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Jack Grisham (T.S.O.L.), Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks/OFF!), and Dexter Holland (The Offspring), as well as live performances between 2011 to 2014.


Recording of Dave's bit in the documentary:

Dave's quote: "[...] accessible, and it was doable. I didn't feel right at school, and I was told at that school repeatedly, "Gahan, you'll amount to nothing." And that seemed like it was going to be kind of true. Dave Vanian was the first performer that I saw where I was like, "I can fucking do that." A mate of mine came to see us a couple of years back, we started talking about The Damned. He was like, "Now it all makes sense. Everyone was always saying like you got a bit of Jagger in you, a bit of this, a bit of that... But it's Dave Vanian, innit?" I was like, "Yep! That's it." "
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2016-07-19 - Hamptons (US) - Jennifer Skliás-Gahan, David Gahan And CSSMA Presenting 1st Annual Art. Music. Party! At The Montauket

Jennifer Skliás-Gahan, David Gahan And CSSMA Presenting 1st Annual Art. Music. Party! At The Montauket
Nicole Barylski

On Thursday, July 21st, actress Jennifer Sklias-Gahan and Depeche Mode lead singer/guitarist David Gahan will join forces with the Church Street School for Music and Art (CSSMA) for the first annual Art. Music. Party! at The Montauket Hotel in Montauk.

The family-friendly Hamptons benefit will toast to the nonprofit art school, raise much needed funds and commemorate the organization's 26-years of offering music and art education for the New York City community and beyond.

"We are so grateful to have found Church Street School for Music and Art for our daughter! In a world where the commercial result is highly prioritized, many times at the cost of quality, it is crucial to have a school for the arts that understands that to find your artistic best you should explore through process, jump in, take risks (even if they might seem messy) and make mistakes- as this often ends up leading the way to our greatest moments and our greatest creative inspirations," said Jennifer Skliás-Gahan, CSSMA Parent & Art. Music. Party! Artist Co-Chair. "A place that keeps supporting you and feeding your confidence to keep reaching.... that's what Church Street School has given our daughter. It's such a privilege to support an organization that is so devoted to giving to our community with such a spirited heart!"

From 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., attendees will enjoy live music from Montauk-based groove/rock band, Jettykoon, as well as CSSMA students and special guests, food by Saltbox Restaurant, and a special collaboration between Jon Krasner and Danny Ye and Chef Nadia Ovalles, imaginative art projects for all ages, and also have the chance to leave with incredible raffle prizes like a guitar signed by Depeche Mode and the band's full vinyl catalogue, VIP tickets and a studio tour to Late Night with Seth Meyers, and much more.

Church Street School was founded in 1990 with the mission of providing individual experiences and nurturing personal discovery to support students' inspired thinking and confidence. The not-for-profit is the sole school for the arts located in Lower Manhattan, and they "strive to serve as community center for the neighborhood: a safe place where students, parents, children and neighbors share creative experiences, where kids play and grow together, where those with the challenge of disabilities find a place to shine." Church Street School's goal is to present reasonably priced, high caliber programming for everyone.

Tickets begin at $50.
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2017-06-13 - Dior - Dior Homme Winter 2017-2018 Campaign

( ( (


Dior Homme Winter 2017-2018 Campaign
Exemplifying the multifaceted creative persona of the Dior Homme man, the brand’s duality rises to the fore with a cinematic contrast created in diptych layouts featuring the season’s new faces: figures drawn from the worlds of fashion, music and film. American actor Lucas Hedges and Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan join French model Dylan Roques and breakout Belgian model Christophe ‘t Kint. Spanning generations and disciplines, they plot an evolution of style that subverts the classicism of Dior Homme with a contemporary twist.
In one scenario, the lines of HARDIOR tape created for the Winter 2017-2018 fashion show become a graphic backdrop, showcasing the season’s deconstructed and pinstriped tailoring worn with metallic hardware and rubber-soled trainers. A second series of images mixes elements of bygone bourgeoisie with raw youthful energy. The whole is accented by Sims’ signature interplay of shadow and light.
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2017-06-26 - MusiCares Foundation Ceremony - Dave Gahan sends his regards to Adam Clayton

[Adam Clayton was MusiCares' 2017 honoree for speaking up about addiction, and several artists including Dave Gahan left him a note.]

( (
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2017-08-15 - Mark Lanegan - I Am the Wolf: Lyrics and Writings

( - Mark Lanegan - I Am the Wolf Lyrics and Writings 1_t.jpg) ( - Mark Lanegan - I Am the Wolf Lyrics and Writings 1.jpg)( - Mark Lanegan - I Am the Wolf Lyrics and Writings 2_t.jpg) ( - Mark Lanegan - I Am the Wolf Lyrics and Writings 2.jpg)

On the back cover, short reviews by fellow artists can be read, including:
"I have heard many great vocalists. Mark Lanegan is a great singer. His words and songs have travelled with me. And carried me."
- Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode