We don't sell our DVDs or have any money in any way for them. It's for fans - by the fans! No money involved!
We don't provide public downloads for the discs. We only give them to the contributors.

General info
The main idea of this project is to compile all possible good quality footage from television appearances of the band over the years with all detailed info and create a DVD collection with remastered picture and sound, subtitles, and all kind of different features to have finally the definitive Depeche Mode television collection in chronological order divided by eras.
(We don't include any material from official releases)

How can you get these discs? All kind of help is needed!
We ask you to contact us if you have any good quality videos (preferably recorded straight from TV). You can contribute by translating or transcribing interviews/reports or sending scans of old magazines or high-resolution publicity images.
Everyone who helps will get the discs! We don't sell the discs!

Any suggestion or question? Please contact us:
You will find our email addresses on the forum at this place. You need to be member.

Project history
In 2005, with the release of the "Playing The Angel" album, BossDrum and bongmute had the idea to compile as much TV appearances as possible about that album on a DVD. Therefore, they asked the fans on several DM forums to send their TV recordings. They released a compilation on DVD called "Watching The Angel" but they had more footage and decided to make another disc - volume 2. Meanwhile, other recordings were coming in and they ended up with 6 volumes!

Later, in 2007, dentez (inspired by the "Watching The Angel" project) decided to cover TV appearances ranging from 1981-2004 in his own project. After creating lists of TV appearances on several DM forums, the reaction from fans was very positive and quickly there was enough material to make more than 40 DVDs! The Television Archives project has taken it to another level by adding to each disc subtitles in 8 languages and all sorts of other features. The work is still in progress and will be for many coming months and many DVDs still have to be released. These DVDs will be added subsequently one by one on this website, as soon as they are finished.

In 2008, with the announcement of the new DM album for 2009, bongmute, BossDrum and dentez decided to join their forces to compile the future TV appearances for a new series of DVDs. They agreed on creating one website covering all projects about television appearances. And here we are...

We hope that you enjoy our DVD's. It's a very extensive work but we want to share our soft spot for DM!
bongmute, BossDrum, dentez

Special thanks to
- all the people who contribute with their recordings, translations, magazine and image scans, missing details or any other way
- Raph (www.raphMODE.net) for his help and fantastic fonts
The journey so far...  
28 December 2006, the black-swarm.net micro-site was launched with all the info about the first 5 Watching The Angel DVDs.
In 2008, the Television Archives project joined the same website but the webspace soon became too small.
03 August 2009, we moved to the new dmtvarchives.com domain. A forum was also created to organise everything between the team and the translators/contributors and to inform everyone about the progress of our work. (These screenshots reffer to the 2013-15 design.)

In 2010 and 2011, recoil.dmtvarchives.com - a micro-site with weekly old TV clips and DVD teasers, followed by Alan’s tour, new releases and auction promotion.
07 April 2015, since this project started 10 years ago, we thought we could celebrate it with a new design.
Depeche Mode Television Archives